Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project Life Week03

Hi everyone!! :)

I'm very happy to show the week 3 of my Project Life album today!!
I didn't think I'd love the Sea foam Edition as much as I do.
Turquoise is my all time favorite color and I almost never use it in my scrapbooks, but it seems like I really really like it now that I start using it. :)

My beloved small calendar found here:

Here, on the left picture, I wrote directly on my picture.
And for the other 2 pictures I used the orange arrows found in my old clementine kit.

(sorry for the blurry shot!) 

Here I stamped my title with some typewriter font from Inkadinkadoo and the ridinghood red ink from SU! I LOVE that color!! I wrote a little story about when school was closed last week. I found, as a Canadian, that it was closed for not much....about 2 inches of snow!!! So as I was building a snowmen with my daughter I was asking her why she thought the school was closed: it was mild, there was not much snow, the streets were nice..... and she answered: "Maybe Mrs. Heath (her teacher) wanted to stay home with Mr. Heath today?!" :)

Here is just a cute shot I love of my two little girls in front of our magnificent forest! :) Sometimes, there's not much to say about a picture. For those times, there are the cute little cards of the kit. :)

This week I used a new size of page protectors. I don't know the model of the page protector, it was part of a kit if I remember well. I bought those last year and never used them!
So on this page I have a 5x7 and 4 4x6.

The 5x7 pocket was perfect to add a card I got in a painting kit I used with Arielle this week. She used the card to mix together blue and yellow paint as she was learning to mix colors.... There's also a small version of the painting she was working on. That makes a GREAT memorabilia!!! I added to the card a small picture (3x4) of Arielle as she was painting. And I added some thoughts about the activity.... I used washi tape, tags, and some Heidi Swapp stickers and rub-ons.

For this 4x6 I used the template that I created for the 3x4 pictures but I didn't trim the pictures. On the white space left between the pictures I wrote down the story with a photo marker. Simple, simple!

Another cute shot.....I decided not to round every corner this year. In fact when I have a white border around the picture, like here, I leave the corners as is.

And in this pocket I taped together two 3x4 cards (with regular tape on the fuss!). On one card I taped a posh-it note I found on my night table. Arielle did this. She wrote the numbers from 1 to 8... To anybody it could look like trash, but to me it's precious!! :)
And on the other card I used the "SEE" that was already on the card to create the I see you phrase with some stamps. I added a little heart from @HeidiSwapp and a small "liked" sticker, also from Heidi Swapp.

The last pocket is filled with a card taped to a 3x4 picture. Some words and that's it for week 3! :)

Before I leave, I wanted to show you a little something....

Here, In my album, right in front of every pages, I have a big envelop where I put a list of ideas I could photograph. I found the list on Becky's blog. That way, if one week I don,t have enough to say or enough photos, I can always add those ideas to my week. :)

And in front of that big pocket I have another page protector which is holding my small calendars that I didn't cut yet. :)

Oh and one last thing! Next to my album, I have my Project Life notebook. Yes, same color as my binder!! ;) It's a Martha Stewart notebook found at Staples. Inside....

Inside, it's not pretty! But it's useful information!!! :)
On each page I wrote the dates and the week number. 
And I draw my page (the pockets) and I write more or less what I want to add to my album - photos AND stories!! Sometime, I will write a story directly on a card and add it immediately to my album, but at the end I'll probably have to move it, or maybe even take it out, so I better like to write it in my notebook first. :)

Are you doing Project life too?? Sharing it online? If so, I'd love you to leave me a link so that I can come and see. :)

Have a good one!!!
Marie :)


Vero said...

Haha moi aussi je prends des notes pour mon PL..tellement peur d'oublier un detail!
J'aime beaucoup ta photo de cachette, c'est mignon comme tout.

Marie said...

Superbe double page ! J'aime beaucoup ce bleu turquoise, ce kit a l'air vraiment magnifique ! Bravo à Arielle qui a l'air d'être une future "matheuse" ;-)
Quand tu parle de votre forêt, c'est sur votre terrain? ça a l'air magnifique ! J'aimerai avoir ça au fond de mon jardin, à la place d'un parking tout moche ^^
J'ai également un carnet (je vais d'ailleurs te piquer l'idée pour mon prochain post PL et je le montrerai !)
Merci aussi pour tes si gentils commentaires sur mon blog, ça me fait plaisir de te lire !
Très belle journée ! Bises

Diana said...

Lovely blog. Met at Art of Composition.

Michelle Clement said...

Ohmygosh, your project life is so cute! Love the stamps & the colors you used together! :) I hope one day I can do Project Life when it's not so crazy around here! What an awesome way to document everything... :)