Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project Life - Week 12

Hi everyone!!
Here I am with week 12 of my Project Life album.
I'm slowly falling behind in this project since I have so much to do these days (and past weeks) but I keep the faith that I'll get back to it and be able to keep up again!! We're only in April so I still have lots of time to get things under control. :)

 Marie-Pierre :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Project Life week 10

Hi everyone!
Welcome to my week 10 of my Project Life album!! :)
Hope you enjoy looking at it:


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Artsy page I love - Inspired by Wilna

Hi everyone!
Oh! I'm so happy I could squeeze another blogpost in before I left home because this page I'm dying to show it since I made it!! :)
The assignment at was to use the colors of the rainbow. 
I mixed the assignment with my art class I'm taking with Wilna Furstenberg (that you can find here - IT'S AN AWESOME CLASS!! don't miss it!) and it gave me this nice result. :) How do you like it??!

Some of you will wonder how I did the watercoloring. Some will think that I was courageous to draw outside the little jars..... but no, I wasn't really. ;) Actually I painted first and stamped second. lol I then added some butterflies that I cut in velum with my silhouette and that I stitched (call me crazy!) and some tiny hearts that I punched in paper of the same color than the watercolor in the jars. 

The title, cut with my silhouette, some journaling.
Cute black and white pictures and voilà. :)

Oh yes, a few watercolor splatters too. ;)

I mounted the whole thing on some Amy Tangerine colorful paper and stitched all around. :)

And you? Are you getting artsier in your scrapbooking?
If you like what you, and would like to go for it and try it, it really doesn't take much. You can do this layout even with your kids watercolor palette, just like I did. And I didn't use watercolor paper, no, just normal white cardstock from Bazzill. So, what are you waiting for? Get artsy! It's so easy and so much fun!!! :)

Have fun making pretty stuff! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Project Life - week 09

Hi everyone!
I'm packing tonight, leaving tomorrow morning to Quebec! Yay!! :)
I know that I was just there but as my planing skills are very week I just realized this week that we had no school, no danse and no appointements next week and that we were free to do whatever we wanted to. So I felt the urge to go back home, have some time with friends that I couldn't see last weekend and perhaps squeeze another lunch time at the sugar house!! WOOHOO!! :) 

Su just before I leave I wanted to give you something to look at while I'm away. Here's my week 09 of Project Life, without comments this time. :)

Enjoy and have a great spring break week!! 

3 inserts this week.

I stamped this little clock with staz-on ink.

Here I typed with a typewriter (I had one for a month and gave it back) on vellum.

This green card is from my Studio Calico Project Life kit. I didn't think I'd find a use for that month's kit because I didn't like it all that much, but finally I did make good use of with with a little imagination and creativity. ;)

Loved that 4x6 Studio Calico card!!

And since I discovered Heidi's color shine, I couldn't help but use it in my PL album too!! So pretty and shiny!

That's it!!
I'll have a beautiful page published this week, I'll try to make a blog post about it. ;) You can see a small sneak peek on the first page of this week's PL. ;)

Talk to you soon!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Heidi Swapp - my new love!

Hi everyone!
Today I'd like to introduce you to a gorgeous lady who is one of my mentors: Heidi Swapp!
I discovered her last year as I took a class with her: the art of observation.
In that class I was introduced to her new line and new ideas about scrapbooking products (the memory file system), but I didn't jump on the idea. First of all, because I had enough supplies already at home, second, because I love my albums that are just beginning to fill up and I didn't want to go to another memory keeping system. But even though I didn't use that many memory files in her class, I drank her ideas and they brightened my eyes week after week for 3 weeks! What Heidi can do with a piece of cardstock, some inks and some stamps is simply A-MA-ZING!

So anyway, one year later, here I am, reading that Heidi's line will be available at Micheals. What? My favorite store? No kidding!?! Any excuse is a good one to jump in my car and leave the house for a couple of hours and go wander and recharge my batteries at Michaels, so this excuse was big enough and there you go, I'm in my car!! 10 minutes later, I FIND IT! THE HEIDI SWAPP WALL!
Here you have it! (of course I Instagramed it!)

It's all there: The mini memory-file-folders, the cute labels and tags, the polaroid frames I LOVE(!!!) packaged together with the awesome rub-ons, cool layered banners, and the whole color magic selection of banners, paper in 12x12 and 8x8, the heart chipboard that you can color with some color shine sprays that should be awesome (that's what I heard), and the same chipboards but in the shapes of stars and arrows, the whole color collection of color magic sprays, and, and, and..... the list is endless!

Fast forward an hour later, I realize that I can't have it all, but that I WANT it all!! And well...I'm a gemini so, I'm not very good at deciding (one must recognize their weaknesses, right?!) so I filled my cart!

Ok, you think I went over the top?! Well, I can tell you that from this day on for the next 2 weeks I was at Micheals EVERY SINGLE day to pick up something else. And let me tell you it wasn't just ONE thing every day!

So what you want to know now is What did you do with all that stuff?? Well, first of all, I watched some awesome videos from Heidi teaching how to use the spray. After hearing over and over again that I was able to do it, that nothing could go wrong, I went ahead and sprayed!!! Yes! I sprayed!!! I took some color magic 12 x 12 paper with chevrons and I sprayed pink (primrose) and yellow (mustard). 

And I waited 10 seconds, and I buffed, and it gave me this:

And I was in awe! The shine of that paper, I tell you, was so awesome that I thought: I need it all! THE WHOLE COLLECTION! Several packs of everything so I don't run out. (That's why I went back to Micheals every day following that night).
But I didn't stop there. You know, I just had my online class with another hero of mine: Wilna Furstenberg, so I knew I could do more.... and I sprayed some white paint.

 And I added a photo, and some embellishments..... And at the end I had created THIS:

I was so eager to show it to you, but it was on the "going to be publish can't show it yet" list. Today, it was published! Yay!!! :)

Want to see some close up?

Look at this shine!!
It's a color magic chipboard heart sprayed with primrose color shine, toped with a color magic arrow that I left as is and that I mounted on some color magic scallop ribbon that I sprayed with some gold lame and stitched with some silver thread.

Underneath my picture I layered some more color magic scallop ribbon sprayd with primrose this time and I added a white ribbon added with some hot glue to give it dimension.

At the far end of the border I added a cluster of hearts and arrow and a brad.

Some journaling spots, chipboard elements and thickers.

Under my picture I had stitched with some silver thread. Yes, just before I discovered Heidi's secret weapons, I discovered the silver thread. ;) Now it's everywhere too.

In the bottom right corner I added another small cluster of embellishments made of some Dear Lizzy's gorgeous collection. Because of the stamping that is already on the page (Oh I love Heidi's color magic 12x12 paper pack!!!), I didn,t need anything else. My layout was already complete! 

Look at the shine!!!!!

Here's my page again, cause that's just how much I love it!! :D

An the very next day, I started another color shine project. That stuff is ADDICTIVE! I just want to warn you guys!! :)

I'll show you soon what I ended up doing with this gorgeous background. :)

Thanks for looking, and for leaving me some lovely comments! I love them SO much!! :)