Wednesday, March 27, 2013

do you also have a princess at home?

Hi everyone!
Here's a layout I made to showcase Arielle with all the princesses we saw when we went to Disney last October. 
I did this page for Get it scrapped and had a sketch to follow. Actually, the sketch was a single page layout and I had to word with it and make it a double page layout. Here's the sketch (the sketch is from the very talented Amy Kingsford):

 And here's what I made with it:

I wanted to have a very large title work. It's a quote from my daughter Arielle and it says: "Mom, I'm really a beautiful princess am I?" I die cut it with my beloved Silhouette and I used some sparkly pink thickers to emphasize the word Princess. 

I adhered only parts of the title to give it a little more texture.

On each sides of the layout I stitched some lines and I glued the photos right on those lines. Between the pictures I stitched some circles and I adhered some rhinestones.

For the black and white photos, I chose some pictures that represented Arielle's princess-like side. The little foot in front, the hand on the side, that's what she was doing while posing, and I haven't told her to do that, believe me!! I found it very funny! :)

Happy Easter everybody!!
I'm off to celebrate with my family in Canada. :)
Talk to you soon. :)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

are we moving this year?

Hi everyone!
I'll be quick tonight since we are all sick here today.
I wanted to show a favorite page of mine that was featured on the get it scrapped website a little while ago. I don't even remember what the assignment was....

On this page I wanted to keep track of all our moves in the past 13 years. We move so often that it's getting harder and harder to remember all the places we lived. 

I started by stitching pieces of patterned paper in a circle and following the rainbow colors.

And I added one house to every pie part. I chose the house in my chipboard collection paying attention to the shape of the house that would represent best the actual house we lived in.

Embellishing here and there, the places where I enjoyed most living and where special events happened. 

And I added the name of the city and the dates we lived there.
The big flower here is an American Craft rub-on that is cracking because I hoard it since so long!!

I added 2 little planes (rub-ons) for our 2 over seas moves.
And I'm sure you noticed the little baby accessories in the houses where I had my two baby girls.

I had lots of fun building this page and I quite like the end result!! :)
Thanks for looking,
And talk to you soon!!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let the sun shine

Hi everyone!
Wow! I have my hands full!!
So full that I had to give in.
I just had to face it: I can't do it all. As much as I'd like to. :(

I might not be showing you that much but I'm scrapbooking A LOT lately!
In fact, I'm scrapbooking like I never did before!
I'm working on my creative team's assignments and on some secret things that I have going on. (You'll know more about that as soon as I can share.)
And with all that scrapbooking, I still have my life to make work, somehow. My two little ones....and all the rest.

So this weekend it got hard. It got me hard!! I had I migraine that lasted 3 days and I was bound to stay in bed. :( And as I was out of order (and not liking it!!), I started thinking about the changes I'll have to do to make it work and to stay healthy at the same time because without health goes nothing.... My first thought was the blog.... I know.... :( I won't give up on the blog, but we'll have to take it slow and enjoy the blogposts as they come. Even if we have to wait some weeks before we see new things over here.  As long as scrapbooking is not my full time job, I can't afford making blogging a priority.

That being said, I have some Project Life weeks that are done and that are waiting to get photographed before I can show them to you. The'll come. Be patient. :)

Ok, so for now I'll show you a page that was published this week at Get it scrapped. It's a page I love very much and that I framed. It's hanging right now in my scraproom. :) Yeah, that's just how much I like it. :)

Here you go! :)
The assignment was to make the journaling in some kind of shapes.... I chose to mimic clouds. And to support my journaled clouds, that I stamped letter by letter, I added some chipboard clouds and another cloud that I fussy cut in some patterned paper. I also stitched some sun rays in yellow and I misted my background with some blue Tatered Angel mist (that's right before I fell in love with Heidi Swapp's Color Shine mists - you'll see that very soon).

I also used a butterfly that my friend Genevieve misted and made all glittery when she was here on my birthday last May. It reminded me some nice moments when I used it. :)

For my title I used 2 kind of Thickers.

And I made a little scene, something I enjoy making a lot!!! :)) I used lots of little snippets of things that I found in a plastic bag. You know the little things you end up not using on other layouts and putting away and forgetting about? I also added stitching, texture and dimension and I even used a little something my dear friend Keiko sent me directly from Japan (the yellow porcupine). It adds another special something to the page. :)

Thanks for looking!!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hi guys!
I have a page that was just published over at Get it Scrapoed and here are the details. :)

The assignment was to make a page with a vintage style.
I decided to make the page I wanted to do since a long time, a page about the school I went to when I was 9-10 years old. 

Lots of goodies to look at! Including a photo of my school, taken last summer. I made a trip to my hometown only to take pictures of the neighborhood I grew up in. 

When I drove by, a wave of emotions came up to my head and to my heart. You know, the memories you have when you are 9 years old....well, I didn't have the address of the old house in which we had our school and I recognized it.... white walls, green window panes. Yes, it's here! :)

Here's my little text. I have a couple of different stories here.....

I used Heidi Swapp's Polaroid frame. Can never have enough of those!! Heidi Swapp's rub-ons as well. Love them!! And right behing the picture of the house is an envelope I got when I was about 9-10 years old. I had won a drawing and a writing contest and the mayor had sent me a letter. You can see my old address there. I find it so very cool! I let the opening of the envelop free of glue and embellishments so that I can pull out the letter if I ever want to read it. :)

The background is a sheet of canvas. I stitched all around as I often do with cardstock. Somehow it's even cooler to sew on canvas. ;)

To the left of my picture (it's an original, from my memory box!!) I tucked some stickers that I had in my stickers collection. Yes, the whole real deal here!! Doesn't get more vintage than that!! :)

Behind the stickers is a small pocket in which I tucked a canvas ATC (Artist trading card) from 7Gypsies I believe. And on each side of the card I adhered the pictures of two of my best friends in the school.

This is the reverse side.

That's the top of the envelop I was telling you about. You can see a little corner of the letter that is still in there. :)

Together with the old and new pictures and the old and new ephemera, I mixed some pattern paper that are very soft, and that have a school feel, like the paper with the letters.
At the end, I'm left with a beautiful page, very full of eye candies and full of memories! I wasn't sure about using the original photos but I can't tell you how happy I am to now have something as precious in my scrapbook! :)

Talk to you soon!!