Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let the sun shine

Hi everyone!
Wow! I have my hands full!!
So full that I had to give in.
I just had to face it: I can't do it all. As much as I'd like to. :(

I might not be showing you that much but I'm scrapbooking A LOT lately!
In fact, I'm scrapbooking like I never did before!
I'm working on my creative team's assignments and on some secret things that I have going on. (You'll know more about that as soon as I can share.)
And with all that scrapbooking, I still have my life to make work, somehow. My two little ones....and all the rest.

So this weekend it got hard. It got me hard!! I had I migraine that lasted 3 days and I was bound to stay in bed. :( And as I was out of order (and not liking it!!), I started thinking about the changes I'll have to do to make it work and to stay healthy at the same time because without health goes nothing.... My first thought was the blog.... I know.... :( I won't give up on the blog, but we'll have to take it slow and enjoy the blogposts as they come. Even if we have to wait some weeks before we see new things over here.  As long as scrapbooking is not my full time job, I can't afford making blogging a priority.

That being said, I have some Project Life weeks that are done and that are waiting to get photographed before I can show them to you. The'll come. Be patient. :)

Ok, so for now I'll show you a page that was published this week at Get it scrapped. It's a page I love very much and that I framed. It's hanging right now in my scraproom. :) Yeah, that's just how much I like it. :)

Here you go! :)
The assignment was to make the journaling in some kind of shapes.... I chose to mimic clouds. And to support my journaled clouds, that I stamped letter by letter, I added some chipboard clouds and another cloud that I fussy cut in some patterned paper. I also stitched some sun rays in yellow and I misted my background with some blue Tatered Angel mist (that's right before I fell in love with Heidi Swapp's Color Shine mists - you'll see that very soon).

I also used a butterfly that my friend Genevieve misted and made all glittery when she was here on my birthday last May. It reminded me some nice moments when I used it. :)

For my title I used 2 kind of Thickers.

And I made a little scene, something I enjoy making a lot!!! :)) I used lots of little snippets of things that I found in a plastic bag. You know the little things you end up not using on other layouts and putting away and forgetting about? I also added stitching, texture and dimension and I even used a little something my dear friend Keiko sent me directly from Japan (the yellow porcupine). It adds another special something to the page. :)

Thanks for looking!!


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