Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | Project Life

Hi everyone,

as promised, here's the 3rd Project Life spread I made with my August Project Life Citrus Twist Kit.

Again, I added some white cardstock because I didn't want to let any journaling out. Love these owl stickers as the kids were called owls in our school in the US.  Also, I thought that this puffy sticker looked so much like a beach ball. :)

For this spread I felt like adding a little bit of layers. Just like we do on 12x12 layouts. I didn't go overboard though, I didn't want to overwhelm the page.

To get a polaroid look, simply leave some white under the photo when you cut it out from it's 4x6 canvas.

I absolutely loved that camera paper this month. Any scrapbooking project can use a little camera :)

I used the number puffy stickers to create some kind of story scheme.

And I carried the number over to the right page too.

There was a little piece of cork that said "Sleep in late". I used it to create a cute tiny frame around the "fingers crossed" piece of paper I cut out from a piece of patterned paper in the kit.

I did some stamping here with the before (which is right before the taxi picked us up at our house).

Saying goodbye to our lovely neighbors :'(

hat a sweet PL card! I wasn't sure if I could use it or if I should hoard it forever. So sweet these little pastel lines.

And I have the After stamp here, for when we arrived in Prague...

Some more layering and journaling. And the speed is done. I feel happy about it. Not too much, just enough. Perfect!! :)


Monday, August 22, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | Project Life

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to my first month back on the Citrus Twist Kits team. I mean, I never left the team, but as you know, with the move, I had to take some months off. I actually took 2 months off. And I am back creating with the August Project Life kit. Ah how I missed my kits! And my studio!!!

So I made 3 Project Life spreads (for now).

For the 2 first one, to get back onto it, I took advantage of the photos I had left, unscrapped, in my album. It brought me back to the beginning of April where we went to the Zootastic zoo in North Carolina and where we had an encounter with baby Li-Liger (dad is a lion, mom is a Liger - half lion, half tiger) and with baby hyena who was pushed aside by his parents from the day he was born. :( He quickly became friend with baby Li-Liger and we had so much fun with them.

I played with dimension by adding foam adhesive. I thought the contrast was pretty cool with the transparency of the clear Amy Tangerine stickers.

I also placed puffy stickers under and over the label which also gives more depth.

I kept things really simple. I was trying to find my groove and get back to it. Leave my sorrows behind and let the creativity flow.

I used the pictures that were there, didn't dare to print new ones.  I guess the task of looking back to my thousands of photos I take monthly was too daunting. And that is why I have mixed some pictures from a field trip with my daughter to another zoo with the Zootastic experience.  I don't love it. I don't love that we can't clearly see what is what, but it's ok. I gave myself permission to just go with the flow and not worry about anything.

The second spread brings us to Atlanta, where we had to go to renew the girls swiss passeports. With my husband being in Prague often at that time, we didn't have much family time. That weekend was a good one spent all together.

Again, we went to the zoo...

And I'm finding my groove to create this time. I love that!!! :D

I've cut out some & in a piece of patterned paper, layered them with foam dots again and added clear stickers from the Amy Tangerine clear sticker booklet. I printed that small label with my computer on normal typing paper. I don't have my typewriters anymore :( One had a broken key (I should have brought it anyway! mhhh, why didn't I think of that?!!! and the other one was electric so I had to leave it in the USA)

Another clear sticker adhered directly on the photo, while I layered the little clear sticker hear on white cardstock before adhering it with foam adhesive so that it pops out better.

When I saw the million tiny things quote I thought of all the things we still had to do before the move! I wanted to used it in a pockets with a "million" tiny things like sequins for example and then the paper with the tiny cameras caught my eye and I figured I could use these instead of sequins. I decided to glue them in place on a card instead of leaving them floating loose in a pocket. I don't know yet if my fuse will work here. Suspense...

Some photos don't need much to shine!

For my journaling, I decided to use white cardstock. I rarely do this but I quite love the result. I dressed the white card with a piece fo patterned paper that grounds my yellow cab sticker. I wrote my text and added a cork star and some stamping.

I then spotted the yellow clear "weekend" sticker and added it to the card with some more stamping. The tiny stamps that always come in the Citrus Twist Kits are very versatile! I always find an interesting way to use them.

Meet Melissa, owner of Pretty Little Studio!! Melissa is the one who gave me the opportunity to become a paper designer. I already told you this I think so I won't make it too long here, but after I was on the Pretty little Studio design team, I stayed in touch with her and we became friends and she offered me to become a designer under the Umbrella Pretty little Studio. A dream come true!

So when we came back from Atlanta we basically drove by her town and I texted her, out of the blue, and she came and met us in a Chick-Fil-A. :) This was our first time meeting in person. It was so nice!!!

In the Amy Tangerine sticker booklet I found a Pretty and a please, which is the name of my brand. I paired them together to put on this photo. :)

Here are some more clear stickers and a puffy sticker on a couple of PL 3x4 cards.

On this plain white card on the right I added a small piece of patterned paper that i stapled in place and I added a clear sticker and a puffy sticker. I journaled a bit and finished my card with a feather clear sticker.

To add more journaling here i used a 4x6 card (I never have enough of these!!!! Love them for journaling!) and I added some small clear stickers to embellish. I really love the look of the clear stickers touching each other a bit. I also let one of the circle lead a bit out of the card. I find that it looks more organic. 

Join me tomorrow for my third Project Life spread made with my August Citrus Twist Project Life kit and go visit the Citrus Twist Kits blog for more inspiration or the Citrus Twist Kits website to get your own kit for next month! :)

Thanks for passing by and leave me some comments if you feel like it! :)

Talk to you soon!



Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Here comes the Sun!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Ha! I think I'm back at blogging and it feels SO good to be here!

The house is not completely ready, but my studio is more or less set up to work and I received the ink I ordered for my printer today (woohoo!! Yay for ordering online in Prague, it works!!!). So First thing I printed? Photos of our experience with the dolphins at Sea World in July. :D I was really eager to scrapbook Arielle's dream to become a dolphin trainer. <3 br="">
I was also VERY eager and excited to break out MY OWN PAPER COLLECTION, I'm sure you can imagine. :)

<3 br="">So without further talking, here is the first layout made with the Here comes the sun collection that you can purchase at Pretty Little Studio. I'll list to all the products I used at the bottom of this post.
<3 br="">

In the background I used a 8x8 paper called Cloudy Day. I then backed my 4x6 picture with the Higher patterned paper and a piece of gold glittery vellum from Cosmo Cricket I believe.
The die cuts are some of my favorite products of the collection. The whole creating of the collection started with these hot air balloons. :) Everything in the line was watercolored by hand by me. :) You'll find the sun in the To the Moon and Back die cut pack, and the Higher + clouds die cuts in the Higher die cut pack with the hot air balloons.

I really love these large gold foiled die cut letters.  Perfect for titles! And they can be paired with other words from the collection for an even more striking look.

I stamped the date on the cloud die cut and added some buttons, puffy stickers (Citrus Twist Kits) and enamel dots from my stash.

Like the gold foil die cut letters, there is a pack of numbers and icons gold foiled die cuts. They must be MY FAVORITE product of the whole collection. I can't wait to use them around Christmas time in my December Daily!

I added to this little cluster a gold paperclip and a very cute clear heart sticker.

Here is one more embellishment cluster with another positive word of encouragement from the Cactus die cut pack + some more die cuts  from the To the moon and back pack and a High 5 flair button. I really wanted my collection to be positive. You might also have notice the tiny sticker saying Believe in you? :) It's from the Think Positive sticker sheet.

This  smaller 4x4 photo is backed with a piece of the Sunrise 8x8 paper.  And I used the small sticker alpha in Watermelon to add details to the story. Again a clear heart sticker and a heart die cut that I adhered with foam adhesive.

<3 br="">
<3 br="">I finished my layout with my journaling. To me, a page without journaling is not complete. But that's just me. I know that we all have our reasons for scrapbooking. :) 
<3 br="">
<3 br="">
<3 br="">Products used:
<3 br="">
<3 br="">Paper: Summer Party 8x8Up In The Air 8x8
<3 br="">
Die Cuts: Higher, To The Moon And BackCactusGold Metallic A to ZGold Metallic Number;

Stickers: Think PositiveMini ABC WatermelonHigher;

<3 br="">
Flair Buttons: Fun.

<3 br="">Voilà, I hope you enjoyed my blog post today and I also hope very dearly that you will find something you like in my collection. I really made it with you guys in mind. I wanted a line that would be happy, fun and positive, yet with a wide enough range of motives, colors and words so that everybody could use it for any layout.
<3 br="">
<3 br="">I know I've mentioned it 100 times already, but make sure you tag me and Pretty Little Studio if you create with my collection. I'm @mpcapistran on Instagram. If you post it on Facebook or in a gallery and that we are not FB friends, please come and leave me a comment here with the link to your project. The best thing in that whole collection making thing is to see people use it and love it! <3 3="" nbsp="">
<3 br="">
<3 br="">Take care my friends and talk to you again soon!!