Friday, February 12, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | Project Life

Hey everyone!

This month again I made 3 beautiful Project life spreads with my Citrus Twist kits!! I really loved the bright colors of the February 2016 kits

Left page:

Lots of lovely cork, labels and puffy stickers this month. Just perfect small embellishments. I could

And the cards are now printed double side which gives us double the choices. I loved them all this month!! These two were used as is, except for the little stitching.

This little pocket is full of secrets ;)
I hid the photo behind a pocket I made out of one of the vellum bag that was in the kit. I cut out the bottom to make it shorter and stitched it closed. A tag inside is keeping my journaling safe. Nothing is glued, so everything can be taken out of the pocket and looked at and red.

More simple label work for bits of journaling.

And cut out words sometimes work just perfectly.

Lots of die cuts and puffy stickers in the kit.

And with just a little bit of layering and stitching everything comes to life easily.

I added some stamping too. The "something special" here and the arrows there.

There you go. Grab a kit or even just what you have at home and you can do it too. Start playing and it will all come together!

PS: I created a sketch for you if you want to kick start your creativity. You will find it today on the Citrus Twist Kits blog

Happy crafting!!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hip Kit Club | Project Life 2016

Hi everyone!

Today I have another Project Life spread to share. I made it with the Hip Kit Club January 2016 kits: Project Life kitembellishment kit and Main scrapbooking kit. They were all so full of pretty goodies. 

I absolutely adored my kits this month! The pinks and blues with a pop of yellow are awesome colors to work with for me. I find that they dont only work for girly pictures but they also tone down the dark colors of my pictures.

I really love to mix different size pictures. I arrange and print them as I go and I add lots of small embellishments to them as well as labels to add some pieces of journaling. Some times, when I have more to say, I will take a whole 4x6 card to write a lot more. (Sorry I can't show you all of my journaling this month.)

That cute sticker of a feather in an ink bottle is perfect for that card where I only wrote stuff.

I love to mix chipboard and stickers/paper embellishment. And I absolutely love to add stitching.

Now, before I start talking about this, I know that there's a spelling mistake here. I tried to unglue the Y without breaking everything but it didn't seem to be working much so Instead of wreaking everything I decided to let some traces of my mistakes related to my French mother tongue. It's all part of day to day life for me. :)
The pocket next to it is a shaker pocket that I closed up with my fuse tool. I just LOVED these cute acrylic circles and when I was glue them to a paper I was loosing the nice transparency and color so I figure that this way I could enjoy my little goodies. I added a wood veneer heart and some golden thread that i had at home. When I do a shaker pocket I try to use pieces that look the same on both side. Wood veneer are perfect for that.

The gold paired with the pink in this kind is just so elegant and gorgeous. I LOVED the washi tape!! It was to wide for me so I tore it in two and used both pieces over another.

Here I typed my journaling on a sticker label. In order to do so I kept the label on the sticker sheet. I really love the look of typed letters. If you don't have a typewriter, you could achieve the same look by printing with your computer.

Bits and pieces directly added to a 4x6 photo here.

Here again I typed on my stickers sheet and adhered the sticker to a paper that I had cut out to 3x4. It makes for a cute 3x4 card. :)

Here again, mixing chipboard and stickers. Love the dimension.

And finally I used one of the very lovely vellum word.
Voilà, you know everything. ;)
Have a great day and I hope you can get some crafting time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pretty Little Studio | Wedding memories

Hi everyone!

Today on the Pretty little Studio blog, you can play with me with the Pinterest inspiration picture.

It inspired me a wedding page about this awesome memory where my grand-pa grabbed the microphone out of our best man's hands to sing a song. ;)

It's a very simple page but the memory recorded is just precious.
If you have a story like this one, please get it down on a page this week. You can do it! And you'll be so glad you did! You don't have to think of an album or the 1000 of stories you want to record eventually, just start with the one that is dearest to you. Now. :)


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hip Kit Club - Project life

Hi everyone!

How is your Project life 2016 coming along?
I heard some people say that they are finishing their 2015 album before they start. I don't. :)
I haven't finished my December Daily either. But it,s ok. I can take several projects at the same time, right? :)
So here's another 8x8 insert that is now in my 2016 PL album:
Everything used here is part of the January 2016 Hip Kit Club kits.

I really love this little size of traditional pages. And you see that I don't only do these pages when I have a beautiful photo. In fact, no photo here! But a good story that was well worth the documentation. :)

I love using these little PL cards to add some more journaling.  I stuck some stickers at the bottom of the jar. It's really cool to subscribe to a kit because you really have the feeling you CAN use all the cute bits that I would usually save for other pages. And these cute details really make an album shine!

Also I'm learning to not be afraid of layering not only papers, but also  embellishments. Cover some up, it gives dimension and interest.

Here's a bonus page for my blog readers. It won,t appear on the Hip Kit Club blog or on Instagram/Facebook.

It a way you can use bigger document of your life. Use them as background paper and add elements on top to document and explain. It's not the most beautiful page, but it's very sentimental. And it will forever remind me that we are not untouchable.

That washi tape is just awesome!!!!
I also love the splatters on that patterned paper.  When cutting up a large sheet into a smaller size, I first look at it carefully and think of these little details. Do I want the splatters on the right? The left? right in the middle? I pay attention to details like these all the time, without spending hours on them. I decide quite quickly.

I know we now use the @ to tag people, but for me the @ symbol has always been "at" with the "where" sense. At Home for example. That's how I decided to use it here. You know, everyone his own and all will be good. There's no right or wrong, really. :)

Have a good one!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hip Kit Club | Project Life

Hey everyone!

Another Thursday means another share of my Project Life album. :)

As I told you before, I am mixing 8x8 and 6x6 pages to my album this year. The main reason is that I LOVE doing pages but I don't always have time because I'm working on my Project Life album all the time, so this is my way of mixing up things and trying to bring back the fun in the day to day documenting.

I made this whole layout with my January 2016 Hip Kit Club kits: PL kit, Embellishment kit, Cardstock kit. For more detail, visit me on their blog.

I went with a colored background for this photo. I tried it on white, because it's usually what i like best, but it was too harsh. This paper made the whole page feel more "homey".

I layered my photo on lighter papers though. And gave the paper some nice texture.

I used a PL card for my journaling. It's a nice way to tie my 8x8 pages with my pocket pages.

I layered a couple of embellishments and voila. It was a page quickly done and I love it!! :) It blends nicely in my album and makes my photo shine just a little bit brighter than if it was in a pocket.

Hope you like the inspiration!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

December Daily 2015

Hey everyone!

I'm going to share days 10 and 11 today.

DAY 10

Day 10 is a couple pages long.... so bare with me!

It starts with the day itself: Arielle being sick, our Elf on the shelf, and our after school activity - making our Christmas cards. The large number 10 is an acetate and is from Pretty Little Studio.

I don't know if you remember the back of this page? You can see it here. So on this page, because of all the transparencies used, I had to stick to the same formats of photos and cards...

I started with a polaroid style photo. I achieve that by printing in a smaller format and leaving some white at the bottom and around the photo. It's fun because it gives a little room for journaling and you don't need to add a label.

I simply adore this card from Pretty Little Studio with the writing at the bottom and empty space. It was perfect to add the sticker Arielle got at the doctor's office. (Arielle is way too big for stickers apparently - or that's what she thinks anyway - so I can keep the stickers and she's fine with it.) ;)

I really love this picture as Arielle was picking up Maya so she can see our elf Harmony who was too high for maya to see. ;) I have all 3 on the picture and the girls look so happy. I backed the photo with red stripes paper and added a red foil label (Pretty little Studio).

A really cute photo is always worth to blow up. I added just some little embellishments.

A word label, a glittery golden heart and some golden thread.

And because we were working on the cards that day, even though we didn't finish them, I decided to add the final card and the stamps I used this year. :) I backed it up with some gold foil wood patterned paper (Pretty Little Studio) and I added a little stripe of star velum at the bottom with some gold stitching.

I know some of you are wondering if Maya made this card. No. She didn't. After finishing coloring all the little pieces, she was so tired she decided to stop. So I took my pieces first and at the end I didn't need the pieces made by the girls. ;) Maybe one year they'll be old enough to make cards start to finish.

I love it when they have special Christmas stamps. I've always been collecting stamps. I used to put them in a collectionner's album, but I like it this way too. :)

Here I used another 3x8 page protector to add lots of journaling (lots is a big word. It's not that much after all). And I used velum tape at the bottom of that tiny page to match the bottom of the other page.

I also added some red stars from Ali Edward's December Daily kit and a flair also from her kit I believe...I'm not sure anymore though.

These layers make me happy.

On the reverse of this little page, I have a picture of the gift I sent to our niece in Switzerland. I added a cute Santa die cut, a label and some stars. The right page is a Christmas card we received from Arielle's piano Teacher. Can't leave these pretty cards out of the album, right?! :)

DAY 11

I decided that one of the card my husband was giving his employees could be used as a page.

I stapled the number 11.

And inside the card I built my page. The journaling has been written on the bottom part of the card. And my photo right up there with some layering and embellishing.

The snowman is a PL card from Pretty Little Studio. I also added a frame, a die cut, a cut-apart word (all from pretty Little Studio) and all of this lay on top of Pretty Little Studio velum. I also stitched on the velum before adhering it to the card to make some words stand out.

Another cute die cut right here :) Ah and a border of silver snowflakes paper.

Now you have seen everything from my December Daily up to this day. I'll have to get to work before I can show you the rest. I hope I can really finish it sooner than later! I can't imagine doing this in February. At least my tree is still up ;)

Ok, talk to you again soon!!