Monday, January 16, 2017

Citrus Twist Kits | Back at scrapbooking

Hey everyone!

After taking a long break (3 weeks in Canada + jet lag when we came back + a long to-do list!) I am finally back at scrapbooking! yay!

I will be on the Citrus Twist Kits blog in a little while with a sketch but meanwhile, I'd like to show you another page I made with the Citrus Twist Kit January 2017 Scrapbooking Main kit.

This page is about the moment we left my parents and the kitty cats to come back to Prague. Sadness is what we felt. For me it was not too bad because my parents are visiting in a couple of months and knowing when we'll see each others next always makes it easier. The kids will miss the cats and their cousins most.... unfortunately, the cats and the cousins are not visiting in May.

For my title I combined a piece of paper that was at the bottom of one of the papers with some puffy alpha stickers. I made the string of the tag underline the paper part of the title to give it importance. It's way paler than the rest of the title so I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be lost in the page.

I fussy cut the globe and added 2 enamel dots to show where we and my parents are. I used the cute little stamp that says "us" with white ink and wrote home with the white gel pen. I used a tag and a ticket stub (sort of) to write some more details.

On top of my photo I wanted to add our plane ticket. I took what I had on hand. I would have preferred the montreal-frankfurt flight but it doesn't matter. The cluster of embellishments is only to add color to the page.

I made one list very small cluster right in the top corner.

What about you? What did you do over Christmas? Did you document it? Did you document the comping back? Everytime I look back at my pages, or when I write these blog post, I kind of realize that i could (and should!) write way more details on my pages. Like what it made to me to come back to Prague. I mean, not the leaving Canada, but mostly coming back "home". And what I was eager to see again, or what made my coming back easier.... and what I will miss most... these are just small ideas of more things that I should document.

ONE MORE THING I would like to talk to you about is the Style is Leverage class going on this week at Get it Scrapped. I've been asked by Debbie Hodge to be a guest teacher for that class and I couldn't be more happy! Why? Because Debbie is such a good teacher and interviewer! She knows how to pick one's brain and how to inspire someone and I can't wait to talk with her this coming Friday at 4pm ET. If you're not registered to the class yet, you still have time to join us. IT'S RIGHT HERE!! I really hope to see you there. :)


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Get it Scrapped | December Daily

Hello hello everyone!

yes, I promised one last December Daily page. :) Here it is! Entirely made with my Winter Joy collection!!! I made this layout for Get it Scrapped when we had to find new ways of using red and green as a color combo. My solution was to use paler hues of the typical red and green. The red in my collection is watercolor and doesn't come out as pink, but is less red than the Santa red. Same thing for the green. Its some sort of emerald green but in watercolor look..

I also added some more colors like a cool ce blue, some yellow and black. Ah, and gold, of course!

To find these products, head over to the Pretty Little Studio shop and to find more ideas on how to use red and green in your holiday projects, head over to the Get it Scrapped blog!!

I wish you guys all MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful holiday, hopefully with all the people you love! Talk to you again real soon!!

Thank you so much for being here <3 p="">


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | December Kits

Hello everyone!!

I'm here today to share with you my last 12x12 layout of 2016!!!! :) When you'll read this I'll be in the plane heading to Canada! It's -25 today and that scares me a bit, but I can't wait to see my mom's Christmas tree and to pet the cats. ;)

So here's my last layout made with the December 2016 Citrus Twist Kits.

It's about the girls' aunt, uncle and small cousin visiting us in Prague. Second time the cousins meet.

I loves making the layout pretty with soft pastel colors and gentle touches of embellishments here and there. I love creating dimension and mixing textures like thread, vellum, puffy stickers and wood.

When I want a picture to stand out, I mat it. I really love love love this paper!! It reminds me of some minerals and I'm a mineral collector so. :)

These chipboard letters too: how pretty?!!!

Voilà. :)
What I love with kits is that there is really enough in there to make a good 4 layouts without having to look further for more stuff. When the kit is pretty much used, I put what's left of it with my stash. Works wonderfully. 


Friday, December 16, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | December Kits

Hello everyone!

I loved working with the Citrus Twist Kits December kits this month! The December kits weren't Christmas related at all.

Here is a page I made about my dream of becoming a designer coming true! <3 nbsp="" p="">I used a very neutral and subtle background. I think I would have lost my pictures on a white background. My photos are the overview of my summer collection and a part of the banner of my winter collection. I'm pretty happy that I could blend them together even though the color scheme is so different!

This cork shape was just the perfect element to act as my title! I really love those pieces of gold in the creases. I supported the title by adding a lot more of these cork shapes.

I sort of underlined my title with a cluster of die cuts. I also sneezed a small stamp in there. ;)

Adding some sweet details and soft colors + some shiny gold.

I really love the dimension of the twine and the small chipboard heart here.

Some stitching for good mesure. Notice how the 2 photos, the title and these labels form a diagonal line through the page?

For this subtitle (it's not really a subtitle, but it's sort of a 2nd title), I used my brush pen and a stamp. I like the contrast of the two different fonts.

that tape printed on the paper is the perfect place to add an element. And the date! :)

And here's my journaling. I realize that when the page is going into my own personal album, I usually write in French. When the page goes into the family album, I alternate French and English but I mainly write in English. It's a natural process and I don't really think about it. 

Are you still hard at work on your December Daily? Just a little hint, sometimes it's fun and helpful to switch gear for only one evening. ;)

Talk to you soon!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | December kits and digital download

Hi everyone!

Today I'm on the Citrus twist Kits bog with a layout and a digital file that I created and am sharing with you! :)

Head over there to know how to download it.

Say a little prayer.

I'm not a church girl, but in France, something resonated with all of us in Notre-Dame and in Sacré Coeur. The girls wanted to light a candle. They even wanted to take a coin home, you know, the ones coming out of the press machine?

So anyway, that day, when they lit up a candle, I made a prayer. A prayer of joy and love and healed hearts. And a month later, I know something happened that day. (I'll leave it to that for now. On my blog anyway.)

I doubled the cut file. In white it just didn't pop out enough, and in bleu neither, so I used both. :)

I played with the tones of the background paper to place my elements on this page. The red candles arrive on the most red part of the background and the grey church + the blue jackets of the girls are on the blue part of the background. You can see a pinkish light in the bottom photo, so I placed it in the pink part of the background.

I then placed my embellishments according to the colors as well. The yellow embellishments found a place next to the whitefish yellowish candles. And the blue and white title goes next to the blue part... Would you have noticed all that hadn't I point it out? Do you think of things like that when you build a layout? Or do you just follow your gut? I do a little bit of both. I think I start with my gut and then try to mix in some design principles. :) Following Debbie Hodge at Get it Scrapped, reading her articles on the blog and doing some assignments for her help me so much to notice these small details. :)

So don't forget to download your cut file. :D
Have a wonderful day and talk to you again soon!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Get it Scrapped | December Daily

Hey everyone!

Today I'm on the Get it Scrapped blog with another December Daily layout from last year.

It's day 23 of my album. I am adapting the nordic style to my style...

You remember that donut box that was showing into the day 22? Well here it is! I didn't want to cover it (that's how special Tim Horton is now to me after 20 years not living in Canada anymore! ha!) So anyway, I made a mini page/polaroid style frame that I attached to one of the ring of the album.

This is some patterned paper from my Winter Joy collection with Pretty Little Studio. It's a music partition in French s'il-vous-plait! :) I added a tag, also from my collection as well as a tiny die cut (coffee break). Keeping the color combo to red, white and silver make for a nordic style layout.

Here's the first photo on the small frame.

And it's back side.

Simple but effective! And most importantly, the story is there. :)

See you soon for one last December Daily page!


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | December Daily

Hello everyone!

Here I am again with some more Christmas inspiration!

This was my first trip of the season to a Christmas market. I went with a friend and I documented our whole little trip, including an unexpected picnic in the car!

I kept it very simple in hope that I'll use only one album this year! :)

The next page documents time spent with friends and Christmas shopping.
I also added a December calendar (it's from Marie Lottermoser and you can download it and print it for yourself for free. You'll find it right here. Thanks so much Marie. Love my calendar every year. :)
I handwrite the main events that I already know we will have in December and I'm adding details as December unfolds.

One trick for you this year: keep it simple! There's no crazy thing happening is my album as of now, but it's documented and I'm happy! :)

One thing I'd like to point out is how I used both sides of this last card. If you scroll up, you'll se that I had stitched my chipboard letters spelling the word "market" on the card. Well, on the other side there was this stitching going on. It didn't refrain me from using the back. I simply used phrase stickers to cover up the stitching. I highlighted one of the words by using a different color of sticker and by posing it up with some foam dots.

If you want more inspiration for your December Daily album, you can join us on the Citrus Twist Kits Facebook fan page. We are posting ideas and challenges daily!

And again, join us at Get it Scrapped for this new stress free way of scrapping your December Story! :) I'm really loving this approach!

Talk to you real soon!