Monday, October 17, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits DT | Start

Hello everyone,

Here's a second page I made with the beautiful October Citrus Twist Kits Scrapbooking kit.

For this page I was inspired by a story the girls came from school with called "the dot",  The short version of the story is that you can make something worth it, whatever the talent you think you have. You only have to start and make something. In the story, the little girl made a dot. A simple dot. And the teacher framed it. The little girl when she saw that thought that she could do a better dot, so she made another one, and another one...until at the end she had her own exposition of dot paintings.

Often my daughter tells me she can't draw, she's not good... often i also think that I can't draw.... so this is a reminder that yes, if we start, we can make something, and maybe it will take us somewhere unexpected. (It makes me think of my little illustrations which are now part of official scrapbooking collections! Incredible!!!)

I used a picture of the girls painting (it was easy to find a recent one since I leave the paint and brushes on the table and the grill are painting everyday when they walk by the table) and I decorated it with lots of little embellishments from the October Citrus Twist Kits Scrapbooking + Embellishment kits.

I used the glassine envelope as a layer behind my photo and I added interest with thread loosely tied behind that label.

Chipboard pieces tucked behind a photo gives lots of dimension.

For the title I used the acrylic letters from the kit. For the r I used the letter "i" and placed the dot differently.

My journaling is simply the lyrics of the song/story.

What about you? Do you have a favorite story book? If so, did you scrapbook it?


Friday, October 14, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits DT | Project Life

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I have a blog post over on the Citrus Twist Kits blog today with a Project Life  spread. If you are interested, follow the link.

I also created a sketch to help you create your own Project Life spread and you can play along with us and post your project to the Citrust Twist Kits Facebook Fan Page or Gallery and maybe win some goodies!!

Here's a look at the spread you'll find over there!

See you over there guys!!

Marie-Pierre xo

Monday, October 10, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits DT | That Little Voice

Hi everyone!

Today I'd like to share with you a layout I made with the October 2016 Citrus Twist Scrapbooking + Embellishment kits. I played with the Sunday sketch that you can find here. You can play along with us (you have the week to do so!) and get the chance to win a 5$ gift certificate in the Citrus Twist Kits store!!

So here's my take on the sketch:

When you buy this month's kit, you can choose between 2 alphas. I chose the "dear" thickers and I'm in love!!!

I substituted the tag on the sketch with a second, smaller photo. I layered it with a crinkled book page and layered some embellishments behind it.

I added the "lovely" embellishment to my title.

I layered a coupe of patterned papers behind my main photo as well to add color. Using a white background is fun when you can add lots of pops of colors. :)

I stitched that chipboard in place and adhered most of the embellishments with hot glue to give them a little bit of dimension.

Loved playing with the pinks, aqua and jeans blue in the kit. These color are fitting my picture perfectly! :)

I added some washi tape and the date and called it good.

If you have time, play with us! I made this layout in just under an hour. If you want you can copy it as is or start with the sketch to find where it brings you. :)


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits DT | He, the one who make her smile

Hello everyone!

As I am transitioning to the scrapbooking team from the Project Life team on the Citrus Twist kits DT, I am finding myself happy again to create!! My husband told me no later than today that Project Life is his favorite album to look at, but honestly, I LOVE creating 12x12 pages way way way more! Way more! lol So it was so relaxing and fun to create this page and I felt in my element. It took me maybe an hour?! We are far from the 10+ hours it took me to make a layout 4 years ago when I started on the Get it Scrapped team. :)

So here it is, using the October Citrus Twist Scrapbooking kit:

Very simple design, lots of journaling, one single photo.

I used the acrylic letters to spell the word "he" and finished the title with my handwriting and a thicker saying "#smile"

I've cut out the leaves from the cut apart sheet. And wrote my journaling with a blue ink pen.

I've stamped the date also with blue ink.

I added dimension with foam dots.

I framed my picture with a page of a story book (included in the kit), some patterned paper and lots of embellishments of all kind.

Easy as can be. For me, as long as the photo is supporting my story and as long as the story (in words) is on the page, I'm happy.

See you in a bit for more pages made with the beautiful October kit.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits | Project Life

Hello everyone!

I have some project life to share with you today.

I used the September kit from Citrus Twist kits. I didn't know that it was my last month on the Project Life Kit Team (I started on the scrapbooking teaming October). It was a very nice kit. Easy to work with. So many great pieces from the Reset Girl ephemera pack. Take a look:

I kept everything so simple!!

I left many pictures as is, without adding anything.

I preferred to use 3x4 cards to write my story.

And 4x6 cards as well, to write my story. I wrote a title with my brush pen.

I focussed on the color scheme and my favorite embellishment pieces.
I was a lot of fun to play, just add a little bit and let it be.

I like that black and white sticker added to the black card.

And since it's so simple, I'll show you right away the 2nd layout I made with the kit.

There was some orange in the kit and I had this picture I wanted to use of our favorite candies... Also the range of the roofs and the orange cast from the setting sun on the picture of my girls... I'm not sure if the whole thing is too orange or if I like it because of the stark contrast with the blues in the page... I think I do like it.

These little wood veneer leaves are just floating around in the pocket. I didn't even bother to fuse the pocket. For now they are pretty much staying in place.

I played a bit here and printed my photo on cardstock. I didn't want to whole attention of the viewer on the candies so I thought I'd print it very pale and journal on it, but I didn't quite like it so finally I reprinted the photo in a smaller format and here's the result. ...

There you go!

These might be the last Project life pages you see from me. Unless people come running and pleading that I continue posting them. lol I will try ti keep doing my album but now that I'm not on the official team anymore I'm pretty sure I will not be as productive with this album which makes me sad a little but at the same time I'm glad that I'll have more time to make bigger pages about bigger stories. We'll see how it goes. My favorite saying right now is: "If you say yes to something, you have to say no to something else." I'm saying yes to a bunch of things at the moment, including hanging out with friends, playing with my kids, designing products, I want to finish my December daily from last year before December this year.... I can't possibly do it all. It's just not healthy and possible.

Ok, have fun my friends!!
And see you again soon!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pretty Little Studio | Winter Joy collection

Hello everyone!

Big news this morning: I'm done with my Winter/Christmas collection!

Maybe there will be some minor things to be done from now until it gets printed and ready to ship, but for now, my work is done!!

Here's a sneak peak that I showed on Instagram and Facebook for those of you who might have missed it:

These are the "With Glee" stickers.

My whole collection was painted by hand. With watercolor.

I then scan all my drawings and patterns and I create my cards and papers. And I decide which illustration will become what. It's a lot of fun. And it's also a lot of work!

I don't know if you realize how much work goes into such a collection. I didn't count my hours (next time I will, not that it matters, but just to have a better idea)  but I think I might have put about 200 hours into it. Spanned over 2 months. It's a lot, considering that I do this as a side project, next to all my DT assignments + extra work and of course my mommy work. :)

So anyway, I'm really happy with how it turned out. And I was happy yesterday to do something else than computer work. I actually scrapbooked, and it felt so good!

I would like to show you one more sneak... only for you, my dear blog readers!!
As a small thank you for being here, you are very much appreciated!

These are my favorite flair buttons: Winter Friends.

I can't wait to show you the whole collection!!! 

The collection will be available at Pretty Little Studio and you will be able to pre-order it at the end of October. It will ship late November. I'll give you more details as it comes closer.

Again, thank you for being here with me, for liking what I do and for following me and sharing my work with you friends. I really appreciate all your support!

Marie-Pierre xox

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pretty Little Studio DT | Just Nick Studio

Hi everyone!

If you came over from the Pretty Little Studio Blog, WELCOME! You're at the right place and I'll explain to you how I did my title in just a minute. :)

If you are "just" my regular blog follower, WELCOME! I'm glad you are here. If you were not aware of this, Pretty Little Studio is doing a product swap with Just Nick Studio, which means that Pretty Little Studio's design team members were given some Just Nick Studio products to play with and the Just Nick Design team members were given some Pretty Little Studio products to work with. If you are not familiar with these companies, I invite you to check them out! They are but full of greatness! I also invited to visit our two blogs all week to get some great inspiration from both teams. :)

Here is the page I made using the Here Comes the Sun Collection from Pretty Please (that's me! :) ) for Pretty Little Studio and the Up in the air and Script Font from Just Nick Studio. 

For more detailed shots and some indications of how I made the layout, head over to the Pretty Little Studio blog please. I am here going to show you how to make this title from the Script Font cut file using Photoshop.

1. OK, so first of all, open the cut file in Photoshop. You will get all the letters on one layer and on a white background.

2. Erase the background using the magic eraser (it's the one with the star on it). Erase all the white spaces inside the letters too. You are now ready to use each letter individually. You should save this file in your cut file library so that you don't have to do these steps again overtime you want to use it. 

3. Open a new empty document. Make sure the background is clear. 

4. Go back to your document with the letters and select the one you want with the section tool (it looks like a rectangle with a doted line). Once it's selected, press control+C or command+C on a mac and then go back to your empty document and press control+V or command+V. 

5. Using the eraser, erase all the black lines that you don't want. Repeat this process for every letters you need to write your word or phrase.

6. Resize and arrange you letters until you are satisfied with your word art and save it as a .png file.

You are now ready to cut it out with your Silhouette! It takes a little bit of time, but the result is great! You can mix up script font titles with square letter stickers or with any other letters for a fabulous look! 

Thanks for coming by and happy creating!!!!