Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tchoubi - or a French scrapbooking line

Hi everyone!
As I announced it las week, I am now part of a very special Design Team: Tchoubi.
Tchoubi is Nathalie Gregoire's nickname. She is from Quebec, Canada, French speaking and recently developed her own line of crafting and scrapbooking products in French!

Here are the first 2 projects that I did using her line.

A scrapbook page:

This is a page I made about a party we had with our neighbors shortly before we left CT. We loved our neighbors and I absolutely wanted to have them in my album. I also thought I would combine this story with the fact that I'm loving gathering and especially roasted marshmallows which remind me of my childhood.

Here are some detail shots. With lots of gold and lots of small elements.

Maybe there's too much going on on this page. I don't know. For me it's perfectly seizing the emotion I had that evening.

And here's a card:

I used a stamp from Tchoubi and made a background with Heidi Swapp's color shines in pink and gold. I added sequins and glittery stars from Studio Calico and I finished everything up with some washi tape and gold stitching.

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a nice day, my friends!! :)


Friday, September 26, 2014

Project Life Week 37 and 38

Hi everyone!

When I said in my last post that I was up to date, that's not what I meant. I'm not completely up to date. I haven't catch up on 20 weeks in 2 weeks, don't worry, I'm human too. ;) I only meant that even though I'm working backwards to fill up the gap, I'm also working forward and on that forward side, I'm up to date. :) Voilà! That's what I meant. :)

So here are my weeks 37 and 38. They are very special to me. Here's why:

Last week I worked on a very special project I had for a long time: I worked on my very own Project life cards. :) And I used them this week and it was such a special feeling to see my own work in my own album. Here's one of the cards. There's a watercolor look to it. Soft, but still vibrant. I'll point you to the next ones as I go.

That week, we had our first meeting in Arielle's classroom and I was happy that my husband could come along with me. I loved to sit at my daughter's desk and see what she's working on in class. Look at the story she wrote… hilarious!!! :) You'll see that later on. ;)

 Here's another card I made. I was working on a "different" pattern than what we always see and these were not supposed tu be bubbles, but I finally paired them with pool pictures so yeah, they turned out to be great bubbles. :) The label is hand drawn and is part of the card (I didn,t draw it over the printed card - not sure I'm being clear) This bold and beautiful yellow arrow flair is from my friend Caroline Elliam at cuts2luv.  You should check her Etsy shop out! :)

Here's another card of mine. One of my favorite!! I love the bold and sunny colors. The background is watercolor and the lines are hand drawn.

In an 8.5x11 page protector I slipped what I brought back from my daughter's school. She had made us a beautiful drawing!! I added the little note we left her on her desk and a picture of one of her really cute project that was on the wall "first day jitters". :)

To tell the story, I simply added a little card that I attached with a tiny paperclip.

On the other side of the drawing I inserted the news letter I get every week from her teacher. Not sure I'll print them every week, but I find that it's a nice way to keep track of the progress they are making in class.

On the right page I added a picture that my youngest daughter made. She's just starting drawing people and I find them SO cute!!!! This 4x6 card is also from my collection. In the label that was intended for the date, i let my daughter write her name. :) I love this little blue heart!!

There's another card of mine right here, this time with some French on it!!!! That's one thing missing in the French community: PROJECT LIFE CARDS IN FRENCH!!! So I thought if I can make some, it would be fun for my French speaking friends. I just don,t know just yet how I'll distribute them. Still thinking about my options.  So on this yellow one we can read: right now. And right under there I've stamped "routine no.1" from my other friend Tchoubi (Nathalie Grégoire) who just launched her shop this week!! I am so excited for her and I'm very happy that she asked me to be on her design team.

This overlay "les beaux jours" is also from Tchoubi. I simply layered it over one of my cards.

Here's the card.

And here's the overlay. :) So cute!!!!!!

Week 38

Here's another one of my favorite PL spread and I'm using a bunch of my cards. It's such a wonderful feeling!!! Sorry for the blurry spots but I'm working on some secret stuff. ;)

This beautiful 4x6 card is from my friend Heidi Swapp. Have you seen her "dreamy" edition yet?? If not, you've got to see it!!! Fabulous stuff.

This little cutie is from me. ;) I love the yellow drop and the ombre yellow/green blue effect. :)

I wish I could have NOT blurred these cards as the pink orange one is probably my favorite!! Look at this little heart in the tiny speech bubble!! And the colors are so vibrant!!

Another of my cards. I love the texture in the lines. So yummy in real life!! The little dear is from a kit from Studio Calico.

We had such a wonderful day at that ranch where we could feed the animals. Another one of my cards right here. :)  And so ends my week 38.

Hope you enjoyed!! And I hope to see you again soon.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Project Life update!

Hi everyone!
So I neglected my Project Life fans/followers here for the last months and I want to make it good again! :)

So where am I with the getting back up to date? Here are some numbers.
When I dusted off my album after the move, and I looked where I had left it, I had finished Week no. 18. (beginning of May)
And at that moment we had have Week no. 36.

So What I did is I finished Week 36 and started to work backwards.
I did weeks 35 to 31!! :)
And Now we have week 39 and I'm all caught up! YAY!!!
That is so rewarding!! It is rewarding because so many little things happened over the past 8 weeks that I wanted to record and obviously I would,t be able to make a page for every single little things, but now I can make a page for what I want to emphasize and the rest is safe and sound in less words and less details maybe, in my Project Life Album!! I LOVE THAT!

So anyway, back to my album.

On my last post I told you I would show you my Disney week and I've been asked how I integrate a big "event" like that in my Project Life album.
So here's how:

Here's Week 33

Son one of the things I do to integrate a trip or a bigger event in my Project Life, is that I add pages to my week. If you look closely, here, on the right, the page protector there is not the same as the one from the left page. It is smaller in size. It contains two 4x6 vertical photos, 2 3x4 vertical photos and 2 4x6 horizontal photos. Under that page protector, I have another extra page protector. We'll get there in a minute.

So here's the first page of my trip. Now, how do I choose pictures from a WHOLE LOT of pictures? Do I take the most beautiful ones? Do I take the ones with the stories? Well, a little bit of both. But most importantly, I start by asking myself: "What do I want to tell." And unlike all the other trips we took to Disney, this one was really a gift from my parents, to have us get out of the spirit we were in for so long with the move and everything, and to see us happy again. So what I decided to do is to take all the moments/pictures/stories where we were happy! Well, better said, not ALL the happy moments, but I wanted that all the moments I focus on in here are happy moments. :)

And the moments are in order in my page protector, but let's say, loosely in order. I'm not that perfectionist. Not for that anyway. ;)

And mostly, I kept it simple. As you can see here, a card with a simple text is sometimes more than enough.

Here I stitched with a golden thread.

Ok, so here's the right page, and the different page protector I was telling you about.

I love to add small pictures (square pictures, with Instagram my phone is full of those!) to 4x6 cards and use the rest of the card to journal.

Here's the second spread when you turn the first page.

When I choose my cards, I don't try to match the colors of the cards to the colors of my photos, but I do try to make it harmonious. 

Here's the second page protector I used. This one is even smaller than the first one. I first had it on top of the other one, so that we see it when we open the spread, but finally, because of the format of the pictures I had, it was working better as a second add-on. It's ok. I don't mind it at all. It's good enough!!

These letters are vellum like stickers from a Studio Calico kit. The story: I lost my sunglasses!!! Really, I did. During the fireworks at Epcot on our second day. And I found them at the lost and found office 2 days later! Phew!! A nice picture? Not really, but a happy memory? Sure!!

This is the last part of the week 33. As you can see on the right side, I'm back to my original album format. It all worked out perfectly.

Here I wanted to show you that there is so much going on in a Project Life album with all the photos, the cards. there's so many colors that sometimes just a very small and simple embellishment can be way enough to dress-up a page or a picture or a card. Not everything has to be decorated and embellished.
Often, less is more, right?! :)

And when my pictures are very dark and colorful, I like to use very pale cards, just to balance a little and to let the eye rest somewhere.

When embellishing, think chipboard, rhinestones, staples, photo corners, die cuts, and small stamps. Heidi Swapp has a ton of small very cute stamps that are ideal for Project Life.

And voilà!!
I hope you appreciated the pictures and all my tips and tricks. :)

Talk to you real soon and thanks for being a follower!!