Monday, December 31, 2012

December Daily - dec 7

Hi everyone! :)

Patrick and I wish you a sweet day and a very special year with everything you want in 2013!! :)

And now that this is done, here's December 7th! lol

I totally forgot, as I was scrapbooking, that I had my picture taken with Maya and Santa at the mall that day, while Arielle was in school! So no Santa to day, no photos of the mall either, instead, a cute picture showing where my little one is at right now.

The journaling reads all that Maya is doing at the moment (talking, talking, talking, and taking her little stool to climb and check what I'm doing).

And on the small strips of card stock, I wrote down some things that Maya is saying at the moment, with her pronunciation. :) I know I should film that and not only jot it down.....

On the left page I just let loose and played around with cute paper!!

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and I had lots and lots of fun recreating it suiting my needs. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! I hope 2013 brings you everything you want. The sky is the limit! If you cam dream it, you can get it!! So what is it that you want??! :)

I know that in 2013 I'll be focussing on learning things, and on teaching things. No concrete plans yet, but those two words will follow me through 2013. Yes, you guessed right, they are my 2 little words. Are you on the adventure too with Ali and I??

Oh and since this year is my teaching/learning year, I registered to all 4 experts classes at BigPicture!! :) Yay! First class will be a photography composition class given by Tracey Clark. I'm so eager for it to start. You will be able to hopefully see my progress right here. :)

Ok, so, before I let you go, I'd like to take a second to thank each and everyone of you for coming by over and over again! I really appreciate your presence here. :) Really!!!!

See you tomorrow with some more pages!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Daily - dec 6

Hi everyone!!

On December 6th we got to meet Santa!!! Yay! :)

I'm part of a mom's group and that Christmas party is THE thing I enjoy most about being in the group. This year was even more fun because a friend of mine joined the group and was with us at the party.

Unfortunately though, attending a party on my own with two small children means that I don't get to take a lot of pictures. So I went with what I had which is a picture of us 3 with Santa.....

I used some speech bubbles from a patterned paper and wrote down what my girls said when they saw Santa. (Arielle said: I want a Ariel costume and Maya said: Maya afraid.)

I also added some chipboard letters and rhinestone to add some bling. :)

On the right page I was able to use a picture I took as Arielle was making some cereals necklace with our friends. I also took some artsy pictures of some tree ornaments Arielle and I made at the party and I was able to use them too here. :)

This is a patterned paper that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Now with my Silhouette I could more of this, but it's so much more convenient when it's pre-made! :)

And the very simple journaling spots.

There you go guys!
See you tomorrow. 
I loved putting my album together and I love showing it to you too!! :)


Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Daily - dec 5

Hi everyone!
December 4th will fall out because it will be published in the next months at Get it Scrapped. Went it does, I'll make sure to show you. It's a lovely page... :)

ok, here's a little sneak peak. ;)

And now on to Dec. 5th!

A grid and lots of sewing. I decided to sew around each small photo.

The top photo was perfect to layer a title over it. I used some silver chipboard letters and sewed over it.

I added the "to the" with a silver gel pen.

Here are some sewing details.

On the right side, another totally different story. Here are my two monsters playing behind and under (and in!!) the tree.

Some polaroid frames (I always find ways to use those cuties from @Heidi Swapp) with journaling.

A tag and some more sewing.

The journaling reads: The Christmas tree, that was intended to decorate, has quickly become a playground, a hideout, a market place, a rest area...

This paper is all glittery and cute. :)

And there you have it, my December 5th. :)
Hope you enjoyed!!
See you tomorrow for day 6! :)


Friday, December 28, 2012

December Daily - dec 3

Hi everyone!
December 3rd is holding a little story about Magic. 

My oldest daughter, Arielle, and I had a discussion about magic when she asked me very seriously to buy her a REAL magic wand!! I didn't know what to tell her so I finally explained her that magic doesn't exist. It can exist in movies, or in your can make it happen with a smile or nice words, but you can't do magic with a magic wand. 

Our discussion ended like that but several days later (around the 3rd), Arielle was watching a Disney movie and asked me again: "Mom, are you sure that magic doesn't exist?" And as she asked me, I was looking at her, thinking how Christmas is great at doing magic, at uniting families and friends. So I wanted to show the magic I see around me during this magical time of the year. :)

On the left page is a word art I created and cut out with my silhouette. It says: "Mommy, are you sure that magic doesn't exist?"

I added a small snowman and some rhinestones and I sewed (in red!) all around the page. We just see the thread if we look closely.

On the right page I used some polaroid frames from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection. I left some os them as is and added only small die cut, rhinestone and button, and I used the other ones to frame some small pictures.

I attached a small shrink plastic charm that was left from my necklace making session with Arielle  to the three with some baker's twine.

Here is my answer to Arielle's question: "Actually, I'm pretty sure that magic DOES exist..."

See you tomorrow for another page of my album. :)


Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Daily - dec 2

Hi everyone!
Here's December 2nd. :)

I went with a simple story of Arielle, wanting to have a gifts exchange with the cousins, just like the adults. The picture is one of the gift Arielle made for her beloved cousin, a cute chain with shrink plastic charms.

The details:

The left page is a little wooden snowflake that I inked in white and a quote I found on Pinterest, embossed in white and embellished with some rhinestones. I finished the page with some stitching.

If you notice, I left a one inch border on the right. That's enough space for me to make holes and bind my pages with my Bind-it-all once the project is done without damaging my pages.

This is the same stamp I used on my last Christmas cards. The little guy is just the same size as the 2 so it was perfect to create a visual column with the journaling.

I attached the picture with some Christmas washi tape. The title is over lapping the picture a little bit.

For the title I used some Thickers and some small letter stickers. I stamped the date a couple of times just to add some texture.

Hope you like what you see. :)
See you later for the rest! :)


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Daily - dec 01

Hi everyone!
Are you still in Christmas mood??
I am! I'll be at least until January first...or until school starts, January 3rd.

So I'm still in to show you my December Daily album. :)

Starting with page 1:

And here are some details:

The "hello" was made with my silhouette.
I stitched under it with my sewing machine.

I also cut out the word December with my silhouette. I cut it out several times (I think about 4 times) and I adhered all the letters over another to give a chipboard letters look.

Son sapin (her Chritmas tree) is the subtitle and I cut it out also with the Slihouette and stitched with some red thread. The journaling reads: "Her Christmas tree that she earned because she slept the whole night in her own bed. Way to go Arielle!"

And the title is the title of the french version of the song "oh Christmas tree".
I layered some felt and paper snowflakes and added a cute epoxy brad from My Minds Eye (I believe) in the center.

Lots of pink for this first page.
This year I decided to focus on ONE story per day instead of trying to resume our day and fit many photos on one small page. I also plan on doing a double page layout every day....adding some simple embellishments and maybe songs lyrics on the left page if the story can fit on one page.

See you later for the other pages. :)