Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas finds

Hi Everyone!
Today I'd like to share two things that I found that I Christmas related and as good for you as for your little ones. :)

First: A box of Cristmas cards.
I know, I know, you expect me to do my cards myself, right? Well, sometimes, I must admit that I can't do it all. Actually, that's true ALL THE TIME! lol
And it's even truer now that Christmas is right around the corner and that I realized 2 days ago that the last day of Preschool before the Holidays is, wel, TOMORROW! WHAT?! How did that happen?? I need gifts for the teachers, and cards, see me coming?! ;)

No, really, I was not cought shorthanded. The real story is that I wanted Arielle to make her own card this year. Last year I made cards for the teachers and they were in awe, but I still find that a card for the teachers should come from the kid... :) So I helped Arielle a little by buying her this box of ready made cards, half coloured, half to be coloured and I gave her my very nice crayons and there she was, happy to create her own cards. :) I knew what they would look like after she finished adding her own touch to it, but I was so happy I could do the dishes and have her being busy instead of me being busy making cards and have her on my side saying:"I wan't to stamp with you!" ;)

Even the inside of the cards are very very cute!!

So the name of that cards box is 20 Christmas cards to colour by Usborne. I paid 10$ for that.

My second find is a cloring book in the same style as the cards. The pages are half coloured and they are made so that you can doodle here, color there, write here, stick a photo there. Well, it's not made for sticking photos in it, but that's how I saw it as soon as I had it in hand. Actually, I see myself tearing the book appart and using it's (beautiful!) pages as scrapbook paper. :)

Here's a little glimpse:

The title of that book is: The Usborne book of drawing, doodling and coloring for Christmas. I paid 14$ for it and it has 48 double sided pages. ;) Good deal!

on a side note, I'm all ready for Christmas!!! My gifts for teachers and school friends are all ready to go (I baked a banana bread - well, Patrick did, it will taste better! ;) - and I crafted a nice personalized Christmas ornament. I'll show them to you later...once everyone got their gift), and all our gifts for the family are also wraped and ready. :) This year we opted (for the third time) for a gift exchange. The difficulty though was that the gift had to be something in our house that is still good but that we don't use. I found a GREAT something!! :) The kids also have an exanchange this year for the first time. My brother has 3 kids + my two girls.... they had to MAKE something. :) I had to help Maya and Arielle, but I'm hapy with what we came up with. And I did the cards myself this time, just because I wanted to get over with that. As you notice, I used the same stamp....4 times. ;)

Well, as I said earlier, sometimes I just can't do it all! :)

And you? Are you ready for Christmas??? :)

See you soon,


Anonymous said...

ouain, c'est dont ben cute tout ça... bravo, t'es vraiment p^rete, maintenant il ne te reste plus qu'à en profiter...chanceuse!

Haha, Pat voulait être certain de se départir de tes beaux mini moules à pain!! LOL

moi j'ai vu tes pages de DD :P

bon, je te quitte, j'ai encore des cadeaux aà emballer, moi.

gen xxx

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Gen, Pat a rempli mes moules à pain et il n'y avait plus de mélange et là il me demande: y'en a tu que tu voulais que je remplisse en premier?! Crime, il voulait donner les miens!!!!! lol Mais finalement, ouf, j'ai sauvé les meubles (les moules) ;)

ps: ouin, mes belles pages blanches de DD ;) Il n'y en a toujours qu'une de faite!! lol

Anonymous said...

Ben une c'est encore pas mal mieux que 0!!

gen xxx

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

When you're right, you're right. ;) there's a second one coming. :)