Friday, December 28, 2012

December Daily - dec 3

Hi everyone!
December 3rd is holding a little story about Magic. 

My oldest daughter, Arielle, and I had a discussion about magic when she asked me very seriously to buy her a REAL magic wand!! I didn't know what to tell her so I finally explained her that magic doesn't exist. It can exist in movies, or in your can make it happen with a smile or nice words, but you can't do magic with a magic wand. 

Our discussion ended like that but several days later (around the 3rd), Arielle was watching a Disney movie and asked me again: "Mom, are you sure that magic doesn't exist?" And as she asked me, I was looking at her, thinking how Christmas is great at doing magic, at uniting families and friends. So I wanted to show the magic I see around me during this magical time of the year. :)

On the left page is a word art I created and cut out with my silhouette. It says: "Mommy, are you sure that magic doesn't exist?"

I added a small snowman and some rhinestones and I sewed (in red!) all around the page. We just see the thread if we look closely.

On the right page I used some polaroid frames from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection. I left some os them as is and added only small die cut, rhinestone and button, and I used the other ones to frame some small pictures.

I attached a small shrink plastic charm that was left from my necklace making session with Arielle  to the three with some baker's twine.

Here is my answer to Arielle's question: "Actually, I'm pretty sure that magic DOES exist..."

See you tomorrow for another page of my album. :)



Loana said...

Hello Tes dernières pages sont vraiment très chouettes ! Bravo !
Je te souhaite de bonnes fêtes de fin d année Bisous

Anonymous said...

OK, je viens de décider que je vais être grande, je veux collimager comme toi! Tu es absoument géniale! J'adore les lignes rouges autour des éléments. Ça fait très tendance. J'aime le message derrière ta page aussi.