Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hip Kit Club DT | Project Life 2016

Hi everyone!!

It's been a week since my last post. Time goes by so fast!! Especially because I have my parents with me right now, visiting from Canada. I'm trying to squeeze in as much things as possible including: cleaning up the house (hard core cleaning), chatting and catching up (because talking over the phone is just NOT the same!), shopping... :) And of course still doing everything I usually have to do when my parents are not here like: volunteering in my kids' classes, attending after school activities, attending Easter activities... So this leaves little time to scrapbooking. Thankfully, my Design Teams' assignments are there to keep me scrapping a little. :D

Oh! And I also have to tell you, if you don't know already, last Tuesday I was on the Live Inspired Podcast with Tracie Claiborne. I had a blast and I talked AS FAST AS I COULD (Geez!) to say as many things as I possibly could in less than one hour. LOL I listened to the interview and it was... funny?!! You tell me how you liked it. ;) lol To listen to the interview, click on this image. It will open a new page:

THANK YOU so much for having me, Tracie!!!!!


So anyway, back to the main purpose of this blog post: here is a Project Life spread I made with the Hip Kit Club March 2016 kits. :)

I find this page to be different than my other pages. I tried to make it very light, so I picked the whitest papers from the kit and printed some small square photos that would let the papers show.

Left page:

Ok, one thing: The Pinkfresh studio paper is divine. <3 colors="" drops.="" i="" ink="" lines="" love="" motives="" p="" the="">

Cute card from the Hip Kit Club PL kit. I really love the watercolor look and the fresh and happy colors. I added a puffy yellow sticker to balance the page. And I stitched through the words with white thread.

Although I wanted a light overall look, I felt like the layout needed some punch. That red card with white design was great to make everything else pop. I added some flowers from the Basic Grey flower die cut package instead of a photo. This way we can still see plenty of red showing through the petals. And I used the blocked area at the bottom of the card to write some journaling.

Here I used a small 3.5x3.5 photo on a 4x6 paper and I added two cards from the PL kit as additional layers. I mounted my photo on foam dots and wrote my journaling with my typewriter of journaling strips.

Look at this GORGEOUS photo from my friend Christine Middlecamp aka The Quirky Nook. It just makes me so super happy and I often have her easy shop open on my screen just because looking at her photos makes me happy. So I decided to include one of her photo into my pages. I must say that I also own 3 of her original pieces. :)

Right page:

Nothing like an ugly photo at the dentist...right? Well, with a little embellishing it's all good. :) lots of brown and "lovely" green walls, but it only takes a small die cut and a screen printed wooden heart from Pinkfresh Studio to steer the eye away from the ugly. :D

I loved that the kit contained wooden hearts but also paper hearts that were the same style. This way you can mix them. That's pretty cool!

Sometimes, some words are better than a picture. It's the case here where I made a screen shot of my iPhone with the conversation my little angel had with me when I dropped her at school that morning. And because I really wanted it to stand out and not be overlooked, I repeated the story on a journaling card, right next to it.

Here again, a mix of the die cut and wooden hearts. And down there two little puffy sequins of the same colors.

On this yellow card, a 4x6 cut into a 3x4 card, I made a collage of flowers from the Basic Grey kit. I like that the grey triangles are showing and act as arrows.

Loving wood veneers. Always!

Gathering lots of embellishments of the same shape is always a good idea. Here I kept everything in the same colors so that it wouldn't compete with the nice picture of the blooming tree.

Have fun creating my friends!! :)

Oh and once again, here' the link to my interview with Tracie Claiborne on Live Inspired!



Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hip Kit Club DT | Project Life March 2016

Hello everyone!!

It's time to show you a Project life spread made with the gorgeous gorgeous March 2016 Hip Kit Club Kits!! I used the March 2016 Project life Kit, the March 2016 Embellishment Kit and the Main March 2016 scrapbooking kit.

I was just talking to Tracie Claiborne as she interviewed me for her Live Inspired podcast and I told her that Project Life spreads were less fun to look at than traditional scrapbooking  pages. Well, you know what? I kind of would like to take that back. Tracie asked why I thought it was so.... I don't really know. Maybe it's because the spread is way busier than a traditional scrapbook page? You know, when I look at this PL spread I just made, I'm thinking that it's pretty. I like the colors, I like the photos, I like the embellishing. I like the stories.... So I'm asking YOU. Why do you think that it's more fun to look at scrapbooking pages than looking at Project Life spreads? Please leave a comment if you have an idea. I'd really (like, for real!) like to hear what you guys think (especially because there are TONS of Project Life spreads on my blog!! Ha!)

And that being said. Here's my spread:

Left page consists of 4 6x4 pictures, 4 3x4 card, 2 stories, 2 main titles and 2 3x4 cards full of journaling.

The first story is that my friend from Canada stopped at our house for a night on her way to Florida. She was accompanied by her husband and their 4 children. lol 4 children always make me smile, since 2 are more than I can handle myself. lol

We didn't take that many photos, but I think I could still capture the essence of their stop over. This is a selfie of my friend and me. I added a wood veneer, a label with a nice saying, another custom made banner made with a piece of patterned paper and my typewriter, a cute dec ut of a bird that I adhered with foam adhesive on the tail and head, but with a glue dot where the feet are, and finally some cute enamel dots. I really love the feel of all that pink.

The second picture I captured is one of my oldest daughter holding my friend's baby. Arielle was in heaven! She the care taker. She always wants to help the smallest and be in charge of someone. Eli wasn't so pleased it looks like but we managed to keep her on Arielle for about 5 minutes with the help of the stuffed bunny. Big Brother was watching over little sister closely.

That picture is pretty busy so I didn't want to add to many things. I went with a vellum sticker saying Happy little moments and I adhered it on the pillow, making sure that the lines on the sticker were in line with the ones of the pillow. It almost looks like the writing was on the pillow and not on the photo. I topped it with probably my favorite piece in the whole kits: the screen printed wood veneer signed Pinkfresh Studio.

The biggest part of the story to me was that they were 6 !!! coming over to sleep. lol Where do you put 6 more people in your house?? Well, we made it work. Arielle gave them her whole bunk bed (double bed at the bottom and single bed on the upper level), that makes 3 persons, and baby slept in the adult double bed with her  parents. Arielle came downstairs and slept with HER parents (which means me and my husband) and Maya stayed in her bed. There you have it: 6 guests, no problem!! :)

So anyway, back to my album, I wanted to emphasize the 6 so I made a title card for that using a 4x6 card that I cut down to a 3x4 card and I stitched along the lines of the chevron to create a kind of arrow guiding the eye to the group picture. I used BIG puffy green alphas and one more screen printed wood veneer.

The lined card on the left was perfect to add journaling.

The little die cut bird here with enamel dots is a repetition of the die cut bird at the top of the page.

Here, another story, another title card: when my friends left, we drove to Myrtle beach for the weekend. I used again rather large alphas because it's a title card, but I made them different than the ones on the other card. It's another story after all. They are still coordinating in color. The silver foam arrow leads the eye to the story going along with this title. Another lined card perfect for journaling.

Here I added a simple embellishment cluster to the photo. Notice how I stopped m cluster on the horizon line?  Following lines in a photo is a great way of making a good design.

The right page is all about our weekend at Myrtle Beach.

This picture was perfect on it's own. But in the white space I could easily add that puffy sticker. It just adds more interest to the picture that would have been a little more "plain" and without interest, or without visual weight had I not add it.

That picture top right, sometimes I print my pictures just a little smaller than a 4x6. I then make sure I'll be able to leave a small white frame around it and I mount it onto a card or patterned paper. The text is another vellum sticker. Notice how I used 2 "*"? Not the same size/material, but the same color. Again, repetition is good.

Absolutely loved this journaling card. I wrote my journaling and thought that it was pretty plain so I added a simple stitch. My tip for stitching more on your pages: find a permanent place for you sewing machine and leave it OUT. Always!

Small die cuts and puffy sequins to repeat the colors of the spread.

I wanted to use another vellum sticker but the background of the picture was way to dark. We would have lost the words. So I mounted it on a piece of paper. I "hid" the line where the paper ends with a die cut heart. Remember to use those lines to anchor embellishments.

Another way to add a little bit of dimension is to place a label (or word sticker) on top of letters with dimension, here corck letters (!!!).

PS: I'm sorry for the snake photo. I know it's not pleasing to the eye. Even to mine!!

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed watching my pages and reading on my thinking.

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Talk to you again soon!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Citrus Twist Kits DT | Project life

Hi everyone!

Here's a Project life spread I made with the gorgeous March 2016 Citrus Twist Kits. You'll find lots of cute details on this spread. Is was one week of me and the girls being sick so the pictures are not great but I really wanted to take the whole spread for that week because it felt really long and intense and i wanted to capture that! I really love that the kit this month was really full of happy colors. It's not because you have one event that is pulling you down that you have to use dark and sad colors. I think that by using happy colors it balances the spread pretty well. I hope you get inspired by my pictures. :)

Left page:

This striped paper is the packaging  of the Elle's Studio embellishments that were in the kit. And the twine is the one Trina used to package my kit. :) When embellishing, think os using everything that is in the box! :)

This is the back of a round embellishment that was floating around in the pocket on the back side. I simply created a little scene, small enough not to show on the other side. I closed the pocket with my fuse tool.

I sewed the word Sick following he line of the couch.

Create dimension by curling the edge of your paper. You can also tear it a little like I did here. Oh and there were no numbers on that alpha sheet so I used an "i" for the number 1.

Right page:

All the little butterflies were hand cut in one of the patterned paper sheet.

Mix word stripes with words from the stamp set to add interest.

Talk to you soon guys!! :)


Friday, March 18, 2016

Wilna Furstenberg | Art to Heart workshop

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I was supposed to clean the house. Well, actually I did begin to clean the house but as always when I'm cleaning, I like to listen/watch videos from Wilna's class. So that's just what i was doing (I am currently taking the amazing Art to Heart workshop) when I suddenly got so inspired and fired up, I had to stop everything and make a layout. Cleaning can always wait, right?! :)

So here's my layout:

Very simple as Wilna would say, but with some mixed media techniques going on so, it was a little bit messy. lol

I used Wilna's Adventure collection, which you get for free if you get the class, but which you can buy without buying the class if you prefer it this way. :) I really really love this collection because it is so different than what we see in all the other companies. The african animals are just gorgeous and they are paired with the theme of adventure.

The sun rays were made using a Tim Holz stencil and molding paste mixed with Heidi Swapp Color Shine spray in mustard. Wilma was using a stencil to make her page in the video but she was using it with ink an gel medium. I didn't have any of that so i went with what I had. The idea of coloring the paste yellow came from a discussion we were having over on the Scrap Gals FB group about products we buy and don't use hardly enough. My sprays came to mind (I have every color + Heidi's craft mat on my desk but I rarely think of my sprays) so I decided to put them to good use. :) I really love the color it gives to my page.

Here's a close up of the die cuts. I used my silhouette to print and cut them. They are GORGEOUS, I'm telling you.

Ok, so now that I din't clean yesterday, i got to get to it! hihihi! My brother is coming for the weekend and he's arriving in a couple of hours. We're very excited about that!! :)

Have a lovely day my friends!!