Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pretty Little Studio DT | No Fear

Hi everyone!

How are you guys doing?!
Wow I'm going through some rough times lately. I've been sick for 2 weeks now and had the girls at home for a week in-between because they were sick too. The toughest part of being a mom is not to be able to get a free day when one is not feeling well. And then we had some other big things happening within our little family.... a lot of stress in addition to the illness made me do strange things... here's one:

Last weekend we went to Myrtle Beach to get a little rest and to rebalance our spirits. And we were supposed to visit Magic Quest but learned when we were there that they shut their doors (gasp!) so we found something else to do: Alligator Adventure. Now, if you know me a little, you know that I'm no fan of reptiles. Snakes are my biggest fear! When we moved to North Carolina 1.5 years ago I had sleepless nights thinking that I would meet a snake and faint and get eaten by the said snake while I was in a profond coma. Yeah, that's how big my fear is/was. So anyway, there we find ourselves in that little alligator place in Myrtle Beach, and then we found our place in a live show... nothing bad. The man explains things about alligators and pass a small gator around for people to touch. I'm the photographer of the family but hey, yeah, I touched it too. :) I was pretty happy and proud.

Right after the show I follow my daughters to hold the little guy. I doN,t fall in love with him, but I'm very impressed to be standing there, like many others, mostly kids, holding this little guy with my 2 hands. Last time I did this was in 2001 on our honey moon in the Everglades and we have a photo to prove that I had only touch the tail. Now I was HOLDING him!!!

Second step, I would touch a snake. Yep! And I did. The men coing around with the snake was so nice. He said: If you're afraid, just leave, make a sign, say no with your head and I won,t come near you." He was so respectful and nice and I felt he loved his little pet (a boa). So I touched it. In my heart it was almost like a cat or a dog. It was a pet, more than a snake. And, just like it happened with the alligator an hour before, after the show I followed the girls and held the snake for a picture.

His little head was coming toward me so I had a moment of fear. But I was impressed how calm I could stay. I'm glad my husband took like 20 pictures of my face and of all the steps because we clearly that i wasn't as happy as my little story here lets show. To this day I still can't explain what happened. I just did it is all I know. And the next day it took me only 30 minutes to put all of that on paper. :)

I used all products from Pretty Little Studio. I really love it when a story happen when I think Ha! I have a flahcard I can use to illustrate the story!! Who would have thought I would ever use an Alligator product on a page that fits the story?!! Well....

I've cut out my title hands free in vellum and patterned paper matching the colors of the flash card.

And I used that large die cut because...yeah, I thought i was pretty amazing! Thank you! :D

That green is ink from a bottle of spray I have. If you want to know what it is, leave a comment and I'll look it up for you.

I've cut up the flash card in little squares about as big as my pictures and I stitched everything in place without measuring anything...

I added the date and a label on which I stamped the location. And that,s it. Easy as can be but there it is. With emotions and all!!!

And here's the sketch i used to start with. If you want to see how other designers used the same sketch, head over to the Pretty Little Studio blog today. :)

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate you being here. :)


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