Thursday, March 21, 2013

are we moving this year?

Hi everyone!
I'll be quick tonight since we are all sick here today.
I wanted to show a favorite page of mine that was featured on the get it scrapped website a little while ago. I don't even remember what the assignment was....

On this page I wanted to keep track of all our moves in the past 13 years. We move so often that it's getting harder and harder to remember all the places we lived. 

I started by stitching pieces of patterned paper in a circle and following the rainbow colors.

And I added one house to every pie part. I chose the house in my chipboard collection paying attention to the shape of the house that would represent best the actual house we lived in.

Embellishing here and there, the places where I enjoyed most living and where special events happened. 

And I added the name of the city and the dates we lived there.
The big flower here is an American Craft rub-on that is cracking because I hoard it since so long!!

I added 2 little planes (rub-ons) for our 2 over seas moves.
And I'm sure you noticed the little baby accessories in the houses where I had my two baby girls.

I had lots of fun building this page and I quite like the end result!! :)
Thanks for looking,
And talk to you soon!!



Nat said...

I love this! I love the layout and that you're documenting all the places you've lived!

sunghee said...

Wow Marie-Pierre, I love this layout. How refreshing! So pretty, too.
I hope you guys are feeling better now.

Loana said...

Coucou Marie-Pierre, ça fait un moment que je ne suis pas passée par ici et je me suis régalée à admirer tes dernières créations ! Magnifiques !

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Thanks Nat!!
Thanks Sunghee!! Nice to see you still visit me. :) We are already feeling better. it was a one day one night deal...+ some extra nights sleeping in our room, of course. ;)
Ah Loana!! :) J'suis toujours contente de te lire. :) Imagine, ça fait plus de 2 ans que je ne suis pas allée en Suisse....j'suis contente que tu me parles encore. Tu es la seule!! :) Salutations à Geneviève si tu la vois. ;) À bientôt