Thursday, April 4, 2013

Project Life - week 08

Hi everyone!
As promise, because I know some of you visit me for this, some Project Life spreads coming your way. :)
I'm showing you week 8 today but don't be fooled, I'm not late on my Project, I just have so much on my hands these days that I can't keep up showing you everything I make (and that's a good thing...I think!) ;)

Ok, so here's my layout:

I love the lightness of the sea foam edition. But that week I got to mix things up a little since I got my Studio Calico PL kit. 

I wasn't I big fan of the March kit. I really have to admit it. I was quite sad when I opened my box but I decided to look at things with a positive eye and I've been reminded how strong the power of the mind is because I could use SO MUCH of the kit. I even made good use of certain things I really dislike. I know right, ...

Ok so first thing I liked in the kit: the Basic Grey yellow mini alphabet set. LOOK AT THAT!!! :) I almost used it all on this double page layout. :)

And look at this: a little note that my husband left on my scrap table before he went to work one morning. Come on!! He used to do that when I arrived in Switzerland. Can you tell how much I like it?? :)) And a little preview of a really nice page coming soon on the get it scrapped blog. :) Shhh...I'm not supposed to do that. ;) I'm eager to show you the real thing!! It's one of my favorite page to this day. :)

And here is an ode to Heidi Swapp and her Color magic line which just hit the Michaels stores. I wanted to go and check it out and I'm telling you, I almost bought the whole wall! From that first day I saw it in the store, I then went to Michaels every day for about 2 weeks, collecting and using coupons and taking advantage of the 30%... ;) If you don't know it, you should check it out! More about it on my blog when I'm allowed to share this gorgeous page...soon soon. Bare with me. :)

Here's a 3x4 card that I attached to one of Arielle's drawing with a mini paperclip from Tim Holz.

On the back side of Arielle's drawing I have Maya's drawing. that week she made a ton of little grey circles on tons of sheets of paper! I picked one and I also made a 3x4 journaling card out of a watercolor Maya made. Isn't it gorgeous? :) That's a great way of using your little ones artwork.

Oh my! That was a FUN day!! A friend called me and asked if we would go to the jump zone with them and I said no, because Maya doesn't like it at all (she's afraid of those giant things! Can't blame her!!) so my friend told me ok so then come to my place. And we ended up spending THE WHOLE DAY at her place!! It was so much fun! At one point of the day, the girls were tired so they wanted to play a bit with our cell phones.... every one got some kind of electronic thing to play and there we were all together yet in our own world.... crazy!! I snapped a picture with the camera that was still in my possession!

Meet Gianna, it's Arielle's best friend. They connected on their first day of pre-school, last year when they were just 3 (Gianna was 2?! Can that be??!) and they are still so happy when they are together. It's so fun. Especially because her mom and I also get along so well.

Last story, really, sickness could let us breathe a little.... I found Maya really cute in her princess dress with her bucket. ;) I also recorded Maya's breakfast and a glimpse onto the surroundings here that I find so beautiful!

That's it for week 8. I'm ready to show you some other weeks so stay tuned. They'll be posted very shortly. :)

Oh and, thanks for your comments! Keep them coming, I just love them so much. :)


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