Wednesday, January 16, 2013

December Daily day 24

Hi everyone!

Here are the last pages of my album.

Since there were many photos that I wanted to showcase, I decided to make 2 double pages.
The 2 first pages are from the morning and the beginning of the after-noon, right before my brother and his family arrived.

We had a special familiy photo-session with a very very special photograph. 
Arielle that is. ;)

We don't do enough family photos!!! This one turned great and we were very happy about it.

The right page is a picture and the story of Arielle waking up and finding the tree and the gifts under it. :)

The second part of the story is the Christmas feast with my brother and his family.
We had loads of fun this year again. It's always a favorite moment for me!!

And my lovely family:)

And that ends my December Daily adventure for 2012. I loved it!! And I'll sure be back again next year! :)

See you soon!!! :)

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