Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Daily - dec 9 and 10

Hi everyone!
Are you still in for some Christmas stuff??
I know, it's kind of awkward, to me anyway, to look at Christmas stuff in january.....
But you know, december goes by so fast that it was impossible for me to finish, and show you!!, my December Daily in December.
At the moment I'm catching up on this album - still isn't finished! - and on my Project Life album. Whew! I don't often feel like I'm late, scrapbooking wise, but I do feel it right now. :( Not a great feeling.

Ok, so today I'll show you 2 spreads of my album so that we get over it sooner. ;)

Dec 9:

Because it's not always Christmas-y in December. ;)
And when there's a little girl's birthday to celebrate, it's more princess-y than christmas-y. ;)

Ok, so here's another scenery. And more Michelle Clement's stamps @Purple Onion. :) A pure delight!! 

I tried a little something that I saw a while back on Lisa Spangler's blog (see the hidden fox). I stamped my image on white cardstock once, and on patterned paper a second time, making sure that the color would align nicely with where I wanted to place my little guys.... I then paper pieced it carefully. Do you notice it? Yes! The scarves and the bear's cup are the same pattern as the background. :) I find it awesome!! :) lol Thanks to Lisa for this idea!

And a princess page wouldn't do the trick without some glitter letters! Amen to those Thickers!!! :)

The right page is a photo grid of some details of the birthday. I focussed mainly on Arielle being a princess and not very much on the birthday girl....

Some sewing.

And very little journaling with a star shape pink rhinestone. A glittery number and voilà! DONE! :)

Day 10 -

More Christmas like. :)

Just some random thoughts of what's going on in my house at the moment. Some much ordinary things. 

A Polaroid frame and some washi tape.

And for the right page a longer story about my girls playing the market around the tree. Collecting and hiding decorations that they took from the (they are not allowed to do that!). As a core scrapbooker, I take a picture and let them be kids. And when one ball crashes on the floor and splitters in pieces, I tell myself, oh wow, I'm a mom!! ;)

Ok, see you tomorrow for more! :)

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Anonymous said...

Ben oui! Je l'savais! Tu nous donnes un autre truc fantastique! Franchement... le tit foulard qui matche le tit papier.... ben là...!