Saturday, January 12, 2013

December Daily Day 20

Hi everyone!

Day 20 is here:

On the 20th we were in for our second round of gingerbread cookies!!
I wanted to bring some to my parents for Christmas. We made so many, and event hough I knew how it was working (not like the first time around), it wasn't easy. Maya was tired and we had some melt downs..... But hey, in general it was fun and the results are ALWAYS great!! For this page I just took a picture of Arielle looking at her cookies like she would be in love with them! And I chose my 2 favourite ones to showcase at the bottom of the page. Two angels made by Arielle. :)

I used some speech bubbles to tell what she was saying. The translation is easy: "I love this one, and that one, and I don't want to give this one, and grand-pa can have THAT one..."

And the story continues here: Arielle just doesn't want to give away her cookies.....

I let you imagine the scene when it was time to share them!! ;) Anything but cute, I'm telling you! lol

Ok, see you tomorrow!

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