Thursday, January 10, 2013

December Daily Day 18

Hi everyone!
As promise, I'm here again for Day 18! :)

Some day in December I received a HUGE surprise!!!!!!!
Happy mail coming directly from Japan, from my good friend that I had to part from when I left Switzerland 2 years ago. Her name is Keiko and she has a little boy the same age of Arielle, Taiga.
Even though we have very little contact with them we still remember very good times we shared with them and we'd love to have them close to us. So can you imagine how happy I was to discover her package in the mail??! :) Are you curious to know what was inside? Origami paper :) Lots of it!! I remember when I was young I had an origami kit but I never used it....cause, you know, I wanted to keep it intact..... ;) So this time we got to use it!!! And this page came out of that.

Arielle made those bees and made some hearts on them next to the first letter of my name, her name ("because we love Keiko and Taiga" she said) and of Keiko's name and Taiga's name ("to tell them thank you because she doesn't know how to say thank you in japanese" she said). :) I didn't send Keiko the bees.... I wanted to keep them for my album.... ??! lol 

And here's happy Arielle, creating some japanese origami! :) AWESOME!!!
I added a small text about how I felt when I got the package from my friend. That's it.

Keiko, this page is in your honour and in honour of our lasting friendship. xox

See you tomorrow for some more December Magic. 

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