Friday, January 11, 2013

December Daily Day 19

Hi everyone!
Almost there!! :)

Day 19

On the 19th, two very short stories. Not many embellishments. Again, almost just photos and words.

First story: the girls behind the tree, eating a candy cane, together, hidden, that's all they need to be happy. :)

I stitched some lines for the journaling. When I do so, I don't try to make them straight. In fact, I'd rather have not at all perfect lines than 3 perfect ones and one a little crooked. This way it just looks "homy" to me. :)

The second story I couldn't NOT choose it. Look at this! Daddy and his little girl! I look at it and feel some love. :) Maya isn't really into cuddling but that evening, in the middle of the kitchen (our evening spot), she came to Patrick and wanted to be held several minutes. :) I was happy that the camera wasn't's never really far. ;)

I used my Silhouette and my handwriting for the "love" and stitched here and there to hold it in place.
I punched a big glitter heart. I wrote down my journaling and then quickly drew some lines.

See you tomorrow for Day 20.


Marie said...

Lovely layouts ! I love the pictures and the stories they are telling...
You're almost there ! Keep on the good work !

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Merci Marie!!! :)