Friday, January 18, 2013

PL- week2

Hi everyone!
I'm happy that you are back! :)

Before I show you my second week of Project Life, I'd like to show you where I make my album.

This year I decided to give my album some place! I cleared my scrap table and I will let my album lay there the whole year (I'm sure it will get covered with stuff from time to time, but in general, I want to be able to tuck journaling cards in the pocket at any time, when I feel like it and when something happens!)

Here's my set up:

Here's my scrap room. :)
It's in a "supposed to be formal dining room". Since we rarely have complicated guests (we never had actually!) we didn't feel the need of have a formal dining area. And I was very happy to have a whole room to myself. These are my two tables. On the right one, I scrapbook. You can see the supplies I use more often sitting on my table. On the second table, I have my dear sewing machine (you have to have it out and ready to use if you want to use it!!) and now my Project Life album next to it. 

Here's a closer look to my scrap table. Maybe I'll make a blog post some time about my scrap room, we'll see. :)

And to my now Project life and sewing table:

Ok, and now on to my 2nd week:

This is a journaling card from my previous kit: Clementine.

And so are these.

Here I used again my Photoshop template to make my 3x4 photos but I didn't separated them. I also added some text to one of the photos.

This is my weekly insert. :) I love this drawing!!! I added some details to the drawing: those are the words Arielle used to describe the drawing to me.

On the back of the drawing I inserted a photo montage. We went to the restaurant this weekend and Arielle drew a picture of me and her daddy. I unfortunately (and stupidly!!) left the drawing on the table and since i was so sad about that (because I had the perfect place to insert it in my album, obviously!! grrr!) I decided to make a kind of cartoon with all the pictures I took of here while she was drawing it. :) It's almost like I had the drawing back...almost! note to self: never leave a drawing behind ever again!!!!!

lol, ok, here's my table before cleaning (meaning after a project!!0 and after cleaning. ;) Who would have thought, right?! lol

Here, some more writing directly on the picture and some Photoshop work. I like both. they are different.

An Instagram with some journaling.

And some perfect and very lovely shot of REAL LIFE as it happens. :) Arielle was sick! 

And so ends the 2nd week. I'm now working on week 3, as time goes, slowly...... :)

Hope to see you again soon for some "real" and traditional layouts!

See you!


Isabelle said...

Eh bien, Marie-Pierre, ton billet m'a donné le "oumpf" de motivation qu'il me manquait et je veux relever le défi de me créer un espace de travail dans la salle de jeu à la maison.
Merci !

Anonymous said...

j'ai l'impression de me répéter à chaque fois, mais tu sais tes billets sont des bonbons pour moi (et tu sais très bien comment je les aime, mes bonbons!). Pis ton studio... c'est à quand le tour? J'ai hâte!

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Merci Catherine!! :) tes commentaires sont aussi du bonbon pour moi. :) je ferai un billet sur ma salle de scrap alors. Promis :)

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Yééé Isabelle! :) tu vas nous montrer quand tu vas être installée?! :)

Isabelle said...

Oh, Marie-Pierre, j'aimerais bien être "installée" pour la semaine de relâche (1ère semaine de mars). Pas facile de conjuguer salle de jeu des enfants et bureau pour moi... un beau défi !!

(Dire que je scrappais de manière ultra intensive de 2001 à 2004, c'est si loin pour moi...)