Thursday, January 3, 2013

December Daily - dec 11

Hi everyone!
How are you??! :)

Day 11 is here:

2 stories today!

First: we are creating home-made gifts this year!!
From cards (I showed you the pre made cards I found that Arielle only had to colour), to Christmas ornaments we made for Arielle's teachers and best friend. 

Here's a close-up of one of the ornaments I made. I found empty glass balls at my local craft's store and I filled it with a tiny picture of Arielle and her favourite peoples, some snow took directly on the tree, some punched snowflakes and stamped candy and finally a few bells. :) It looked lovely and the teachers were delighted. :)

There's nothing like watching my big little girl create. :)

Some thickets and stitching and there you go. Fini! :)

The second page is the story of Arielle and I practicing a song for her Christmas show. The show was the very next day. Arielle didn't ask me to practice and help her learn the song. But as she was singing it in the car I asked her the words and we ended up repeating it over and over again until bedtime!! The next day, when I dropped Arielle in school her teacher told me about the songs they were practicing and that's when I learned that that song would be in the show. You know, for Arielle who is still only learning english, learning those Christmas songs is hard. She knows the french version much better because I sing them all the time...but the english versions, I'm not very good at them so I'm quite surprised that Arielle learned that many songs in such a short time. :)

Here's the song that became "our" special song.  Away in a manger.

And the journaling, written on stitched lines.

 For the background, I took a picture of a little bag Arielle brought back from school at the beginning of December. It's a small white bag on witch each kid got to choose the picture they would put on it to decorate it. Arielle choose this nativity scene, with baby Jesus laying in the manger. It was fitting. I just blew it big with photoshop and diminished the opacity of the image. I then added the song's lyrics and sewed around it. It's the second page I made for my album. I was very inspired by the story.

Ok, see you tomorrow again!!

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