Monday, September 2, 2013

Project Life - Week 28

Hi everyone!

Summer is definitely gone, isn't it?
School has started. My oldest went to kindergarten!!
It pinched my heart when I saw the bus take her away for the first time. But she seemed happy when she came back so it was OK. It's full day kindergarten here which means that she leaves at 8:25 and comes back at 4:00. It's a really big leap from pre-school where she was doing 9 to 1:00 3 days a week. But we'll be fine. ;) And now I have my little one (3 years old) to entertain because big sister is gone all day! At least it's easier to put her down for her nap now that big sister is not here. Everything is much calmer, and let's face it....BORING! lol

Ok so I'm here to show you some more weeks of my Project Life album! yay!! :)

This is Week 28

I love the tiny tags to write just a little tiny note on the pictures.

Here I aligned 3 very similar pictures to show the relationship between my two girls.

Here's to the relationship between Arielle and her swim teacher. That was something to see!! :) Beautiful!

I think you can't tell but here's a 6x12 insert.... I'm thinking of adding a tab to make it more clear.

I rarely use these 3x4 journaling cards. I often have too many photos I want to show off.

Another tiny tag.

Here's the other side of the insert.

And here is the right page:

(the little "today" tab over Maya's head is a wooden paperclip holding something in place in a further week)

Here are some detail shots of the right page:

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