Thursday, September 12, 2013

First time home alone!

This morning I came home to an empty house, for the first time in my life; I dropped the two kids at school and came back.

No little feet running around, only empty little shoes.
No little voices screaming for help. Only the silence. It's quite enjoyable. :)

I came home to this:
A breakfast plate that still needs to be put away and the crayons are a sign that we had to rush some homework's on the corner of the table this morning.

The dishes from last night still need to be done. I won't do them now. My time is too precious for dishes right now.

My scrap room is joyfully calling me to come and play!! Without being disturbed. That's probably where I'll head first! :D

And there's my Project Life album buried under a pile of "stuff" also screaming to be dug out and updated.

Ah I love my life! :) And I'll enjoy these 2 hours!! And even though my head is screaming: let go of the computer RIGHT NOW and go DO something, my heart was screaming louder: Document this first time coming home alone!

DONE! :)

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S said...

I hope you enjoyed your day.