Monday, September 23, 2013

Project Life - Week 26

Hi Everyone!

Here is week 26 of my Project Life album which you can also see at Get it Scrapped together with other beautiful and very different from mine(!!) Project Life examples!! Right here: Project Life Ideas.

This was an awesome week because I got to spend it in Quebec and it was our National Holiday and I got to see lots of friends that I hadn't see for a long time, and because my parents were taking care of the kids so it was like mini vacations for me and it felt SO good!!! :)

Left page:

I could have add lots of inserts this week but I tried to keep it to the minimum without compromising any information. This week I added 2 small inserts.

This is my friend Jen. I spent the afternoon with her and after that we went to a live music show of LES COWBOYS FRINGANTS. Here we are with our VIP passes! Very proud and excited and joyful and happy.

This is our afternoon. Catching up around a cup of wine. Some friends came over to eat. It was fun.

Here's the journaling and a little note that Jen left me on the table the next morning when she had to go to work. It reminded me of the notes Patrick left me when he left for school when I first arrived to Switzerland. :) Friends are precious.

A picture from behind the group, looking at the crowd. Yes, we were on the stage, in front of a LOT of people, singing with the group. I thought I was too old to do something like this. Well, I probably am.... But anyway. It was fun, and special!!

The next morning, I went to meet a new scrapbooking friend (actually, 2, but I only have the picture of one of them) that I met through internet. I think all my scrapbooking friends, I've met them through internet, through my blog, and their blogs and Facebook groups. It's funny, right?! :) But I guess it's normal for how we now live. So this is Isabelle. :)

I used a small pocket (5x7) to hold my beloved VIP pass. Behind it I printed a picture I took of our flag (I told you it was the national holiday).

On the other side I tucked a card I got when I took Becky Higgins' Project Life class at Big Picture. I thought the quote was very fitting to the week I had.

The second insert, holding 8 more photos.

One other friend I saw that week is Gen, my scrappy friend #1. :) We wanted to scrap together and eventhough she works full time and have 3 small children, we made it happen. Nothing was planned so it was even more special!! I sent her a picture, she had it printed in one day for me. During the day I went to buy some material (while meeting Isabelle!) and I went to Gen's house so scrap. It was awesome. At home, in my space, I might have taken one day or two to make a page like this one, but at Gen's place, with very limited supplies, I managed to finish it in a couple of hours. We both couldn't believe it and were also both blown away by the result. You have seen the page earlier on my blog and at

Meet Gen, and my new best friend: a bottle of un-du. Some glue fell on my photo as the page was finished. I thought I'd die. But Un-du to the rescue, we now can't see a thing. ;)

While I was scraping that day, Capucine was taken to the hospital where she was put to sleep. She had cancer. She was very loved and is missed. Maya still talks about her...about every day.

The back of the insert and the last page of the spread.
I don't have close up shots of every photo. Here in the middle is a story about us going to see a very special naturopath. I included her business card.

Lots of pictures of the girls in nature as I spent some days alone with them. My parents had plans so we had to entertain ourselves. A lot of swinging, and walking, and going in the forest, and to the restaurant, and laughing and being silly, and simply beeing together, without any other plan. At that point I wish Patrick would have been with us.

We also spent some time with my sister in law (my brother was on a business trip, so wasn't there) and the girl's cousins. :) We love them!!!

Christophe, the middle one, took good care of Maya. And so she was talking about him every day after that for a long long time. :)

Sometimes I forget that I live far away from home, and that I have no family here. In the midst of life, I get in the routine and I don't have much time to think. But when I go back home I remember all that I have there that I don't have here (even though I love living here). It's a strange feeling, barely explainable. People who live the same thing as me know what I'm talking about. And in these moments, I'm happy to be a scrapbooker, and I'm happy to be more aware of the little snippets of joy we get to have... And I'm glad that I record all this, so that when I feel nostalgia, I can look back, and fill myself with family love.

Talk to you again soon!!


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