Friday, September 13, 2013

Project Life - Weeks 30-31

Hi everyone!

I'll do a little of catching up on my Project Life album today.
I always have very few comments on these Project Life posts. I don't know if it's because it's less appealing, esthetically, but since some people are telling me that it's very inspiring, I continue to post them. Hope you don't mind. ;)

Ok, so here is week 30:

Week 31

I was just telling a friend about my process for Project Life. How easy it is to just grab a card, write on it, and put it in. But in reality it can be tricky. Sometimes I'm wondering if everything I would love to write on the moment is important enough to be written. Small details that could be overwhelming if I have too many in the album?? Maybe I'll have to leave some events on the side if I don't have enough room just because of all these already filled cards? So sometimes, because of those toughts, I just let it be and I don't write. And at the end of the week I'm thinking: What is it that was cute that I wnated to write??? But the thought is gone. 

Another thing with this process is that at the end, nothing really goes together. It's not like I'd be having everything in front of me at the end and I would try to match the cards to the pictures. The cards are already there. i try to make them go well together as I write them, but sometimes (all the times!) when I have the pictures, it doesn't fit, and feels overwhelming, too many colors, too much stuff going on..... but hey! At least I have an album with my stories, right??!! For me, that's what matters most!

And you, what's you Project Life system??? 


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Katie Kim said...

wow, your handwriting is so neat! your works remind me of my 3wks delayed PL... think I have to restart it right away!