Friday, September 27, 2013

a Travel mini-book

Hi Everyone!!

as promised, today I'll show you the rest of my mini travel album that was featured on Amy Tangerine's blog yesterday.

If you missed it, you might want to go see it since I explain my process of building a travel mini book. :)

First of all, the base of my album is an album by Heidi Swapp, filled with pretty dividers that can serve very well as base for photos and other small things. The album also contains several divided page protectors in which you can simply slip photos and journaling. And that's exactly how I used it.

First page:

There's a lot going on on the first page so I'll try to explain you what I did there.

On the left side, I used some Washi tape to adhere a schedule of our week. And in the plastic protector of the album, I tucked a map of one of the places we stopped. :)

On the front page, I wanted to use a picture of our family leaving in the car, but I was on the fence as I had to choose between several shots which were so different and funny, even though, really, they were all the same. They were too much the same to put them next to another.

So I created a pocket out of a glassine envelope big enough to contain 3' x 4.5' photos. To the flap, I adhered the end of a picture after I had covered it's back with patterned paper ( I took a piece of one of the tourist maps I had). On the front of the envelope, I sewed a rounded tag so that I can slide the cover photo behind it and it won't move.

In the envelop I tucked the 3 remaining photos and on each photo stitched the word Prise 1, Prise 2 Prise 3 (take one, two and three) in sticker letters. The title "road trip" was written by hand and I die cut it with my Silhouette. 

When I adhered the glassine envelope, I only adhered the sides so that I could tuck a tag behind. On that tag I wrote kind of an introduction to our trip.

Since the page is see through, I adhered a photo on the other side of the page, right behind this envelop.  I also added a small circle tag behind the circle on the front. We can still see the "road trip" and August 2013, but it's ok.

I rarely ask the girls to pose for me. I never say "Smile!" I'm the kind of mom who take pictures of the back of their kids. ;) But here, I asked them to squish together and I kind of like it. lol

This little chipboard sun found it's place on a Christmas paper background because, just as this small embellished square is very weird, being at Santa's Village and hearing Christmas Music all day long in the midst of August is also VERY weird!!!

Poor little Maya afraid to death! :(

These two pictures are the exact same pictures I had with my brother in 1980ish....
When I saw them and thought of my old pictures, I knew I wanted to incorporate one in my album.

I chose the reindeer carousel. :)
I think it's very funny to see Patrick at the place of my father and Arielle looking a bit like my brother and Maya looking a lot like me, and we are both very serious on the picture. Really, I think these two pictures next to one another are hilarious. :) I also love that the small resolution of the scanned slide I have is just perfect to print a picture in this small size. I don't think I could use this picture in a decent way in a bigger format.

Here, the frame was already on the paper. I just colored it with a metallic gold pen.

Look at the dog under the table! :) This little restaurant was SO CUTE that I took about 100 photos of it. Inside and out!! So the fun thing about these divided page protectors is that you can integrate LOTS of photos without taking 10 pages for just one small event. For the journaling I cut up a sheet of chalkboard like paper. I added a little bit of rub-ons. These are from Doodlebug and I bought them in 2008 I think. They are working great on black card stock. For the writing I used a white gel pen from Sakura which work very very well.

I added some bling in form of glittery gold chipboard stars and also some stitching with silver thread. I love silver and gold thread. And I used to think that we couldn't mix the two, but I read recently that they are both neutrals and can be wore I guess it applies to a scrapbook page too. ;)

More rub-ons here.

And look at this little sheep that was laying around at the playground! ADORABLE!!

The the album pages and page protectors, as I needed, I added some home made pages. I used the 5th and Frolic collection from Dear Lizzy. I felt like the colors were perfect to go with beach pictures.

Throughout the whole album I used gold and silver here and there. I really like the look of it.

Here I mounted my picture on a gold frame.

Amy Tangerine letter stickers are AWESOME!!!! They almost look like stamps because of the see through effect. I used shades for each word. It gives the page a very soft and classic look I think. :)

Here again 2 divided page protectors and a couple of embelishments.

Here I used an iPhone photo enlarged. Not the best quality, but for an album like this, totally ok, for me.

And this is a photo stack from Heidi Swapp. Awesome to add lots of photos in a beautiful way.

There you have it! :)
Hope you could find some inspiration!! 

See you again soon!



Janet K said...

I Love your mini book. It inspires me to make one of our lake trip this summer. As a New England girl, now living in the West, I love seeing all your photos!

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Nice, Janet!!! I'm happy it could inspire you. :) We usually make vacation in Florida, or we on cruises to the south and I must say I was a little disappointed when my Husband told me this year that we'd go to the coast for a week... BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! We had such a great time!!!! Oh and I'd been wanting to eat a real lobster for so long!! :) I hope you come back here and share a link with me when your mini album is done. I'd love to see it. :)

Charlotte said...

Olalala j'adore !!!
J'aurai aimé que ma maman fasse ce genre d'album pour y revoir mon enfance, les choses dont je ne peux me souvenir !
En plus il est magnifique ton album !