Sunday, February 16, 2014

Project Life - Week 4

Hi everyone!!
My Project Life album is going strong! :)
I'm up to date.
Here is my week 4:

On ething I am doing different this year is writing the Week # every week. It's making things much simpler. For the blogging part anyway. And also to have a better idea of where I am and where I have to go.

Another thing I do different this year: I use my products!!! Yes, not only the papers grow old and get untrendy, but also all these small bits and pieces of embellishment so I thought I'd better use them right now. :)

Have a nice week.
We have winter break here so I'm going to Canada tomorrow for the week. :) 
I heard there's a lot of snow there. Will be fun…. or not so much. We'll see. 

Talk to you soon!!

1 comment:

Nounette said...

Superbe semaine, j'adore tous ces petits détails que tu ajoutes un peu partout... et je me réjouis de voir ta page dans le prochain "entre artistes"!