Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hold on to my hand!

Hi everyone!
I just got back from Canada yesterday. I went to see my parents for a week, with my two little girls. My husband had to stay home and work. Bummer. :( Oh well, as it always happen when I go to Canada without my husband, I get together with my dearest friends and that is always AMAZING!! So I am very happy I got to do this once more. :)

On one of the days, I got to see my best scrapbooking friend on the planet and we made a chat-snack-and-scrap evening. I was there until 3h30 in the morning!!!! (I had a 1+ hour drive home after that…ouch!)

Here's the page I came up with:

It's a page about my kids learning to skate. This 3x5 picture is my little one on her first day. It wash,t fun at all. But we had discussed in the car on our way there that it was ok to fall and that we shouldn't get upset…. :) They really did great. Today, after 8 classes, they both got their diploma and they are ready to go to the next level. Happy and proud mom. ;)

When I left to go to Canada, I knew I was seeing my friend and I knew we would scrapbook and I knew I had to bring things. It's always so hard for me to decide WHAT!!! So this time I grabbed 2 Studio Calico kits (one of them was the Sugar Rush kit and the other…hmm, I'm not sure….) and a couple wood veneers from my stash and I just left. I thought it was pretty fun with scrapbook with nothing, or not far from nothing.

Here you can see that I added dimension to the page by popping my photo up.

The quality of this picture (the one in the wooden frame) is so poor (it was shot through the ice rink window), but I decided I needed it. By printing it very small, we almost don't see that the picture is bad.

The "lovely little moment" was punched out of a 3x4 PL card.

Here you can see the layers with the vellum:

The inside of the frame is also a 3x4 PL card. LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for looking!!!!
I'm so happy I can come here and show you my pages and get feed back. it makes me very happy every time! :)

Talk to you again soon!!



Francine said...

D'autres belles pages! Continue, c'est un beau travail.

mk said...

Absolutely stunning! I love the details and all of the stitching.