Monday, February 10, 2014

Project Life 2014

Hi everyone!

Project Life. Yes, I'm in!!

I thought about it during weeks! I didn't have the courage to drop it, even though I knew it was very stressful for me. You know, the "being caught up" thing. And investing a couple hours every week for that. And the idea of always be taking pictures of things happening throughout the week because, well, I need a picture for my Project Life album! Of course! So anyway, Patrick told me it was my most valuable project. And than I thought I'd regret it forever if in my library there would be a year missing. You know, the year my girls turned 4 and 6. So I decided to give it a go! And here it is. And I am SO HAPPY about my decision. You have no idea how happy I am, really!

Week 01

This is only the beginning. I am up to date! That means I have 6 weeks that are completed!! :) And this makes me so so so happy!!! :)

Are you taking the Project Life adventure too this year??



Thanh Vo said...

Oh my! I love this, Marie. It's like reliving CHA all over again.

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

I know right?! :) I thought exactly the same as I was doing my pages!! I feel like everything has been said now and that I can move on without having to make tons of scrapbook pages about it. :)

Monica said...

Hey, that's me!
Yes to you being the best you you can be. You've motivated me to make a start.
Take care xx

Nounette said...

Je suis bien contente que tu ais pris la décision de refaire un PL cette année!!! Pour moi c'est la 1ère année dans ce format et tu es une vraie source d'inspiration, mon modèle n°1!!!