Sunday, February 2, 2014

Memory Planner - by Heidi Swapp

Hi everyone!
I'm happy to pop in here to show my latest addition to my ongoing scrap projects: the memory planner, by Heidi Swapp.
I received it as a gift from Heidi when I was attending the Play event, hosted by Big Picture, following CHA in Anaheim.
The conference Heidi gave before we could unwrap our present was fabulous. Her speech touched my heart very deeply and convinced me (as if we would need to be convinced!!) that what I do, memory keeping, is VERY important! Really, even if we all know that our albums are worth gold, I for myself often feel like when I scrapbook, I'm steeling time to my family, because it could be time I would spend with them, instead of being on my own, in my scrap room, but really, what we do is much more than "just" art and crafts…. when we scrapbook, we have the power to stop in time any moment we'd like, in order to remember it later. It allows us to stop the blur of everyday life and looked passed the loads of laundry, the cooking, the picking up of the mess to see what really matters.

And she launched a new tool to help us do that even more easily and it's called a memory planner. It's a calendar with protector pages in between the months that allow us to add pictures and bits and pieces of life and with some pages with places to write more if we wish to.

I just finished my month of January and I'd love to share it with you.

First page:
I was lucky enough to have Heidi write me a kind word inside my book. I know right?!
Heidi is so real and generous. I adore her!

And with her memory planner she has some really cute chipboard elements, die cuts, stickers, rub-ons, labels, stamps….everything we love! :) And everything we need to embellish our album. :)


Every month starts with a page full of prompts and place to write more! Every month is different and awesome.

Then comes a divided page protector for photos and memorabilia. The sizes of the pockets change from month to month.

The other side of the page protector:

And some more embellishing .

And finally there's the calendar:

I use it to write one little thing a day. You could use it however you like. You could fill it for your child, ask him to tell you one thing from his day.

I decided to use it for ME, personally. This way, it's not the same as my PL. This calendar is much more personal and axed on myself while my Project Life Album focusses more on us as a family.

Before I leave, I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you leaving comments, and who became a member of my blog lately. I have now 71 followers + more followers who are with us through the e-mail list. It makes me so happy to know that you take time to come here and stay a moment with me when I have something to show you. :)
Thank you so much!!

Talk to you soon!!!

Marie-Pierre :)


Aurélia said...

Ouah ! je l'adore ! je veux le même.. j'ai trop honte du mien maintenant :)

Nathalie (tchoubi) said...

Super comme concept! C'est bien pensé et très joli :-)