Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hi everyone!!

I'm tuning in today to talk to you about Ali Edward's class: Hello Story. It just started and I'm already in awe and my head is already spinning from all the ideas I know I want to record next! I love a class like that. If you want to join me, I think you still can register. (And if you do, do it through the Paperclipping Roundtable affiliate link to support them too at the same time. It's here. :)

Ok, so now on to my layout.
The idea this week is to create a timeline. I won't go into the details but if you think about what one can record in form of a timeline, the possibilities are infinite!! It goes from one day in your life to travels you've made, or animals you owned, you name it! :) As I was watching the presentation, it reminded me of a timeline I did to record our numerous moves and places we've lived. This one:

To see more details about this layout, go here.

For the assignment I decided to record our travels in Europe. We've been so many places. I already have a layout recording our cruises, but I wanted to record our other travels. By separating the travels we made in Europe from the rest of our travels, it gives me more place on my layout. I still want to tackle every travel on it's own, but I like the idea of having a less detailed layout grouping all the places together and showing the dates we went to each place. So here it is:

I made my title big!! And bold! And glittery!! I used bared chipboard that I covered with acrylic paint and I added some glitter with the heat and stick powder from Stampin'UP!

My timeline is made with a yellow thread that I stitched through the 2 pages. I stamped the years and I used some gold metal triangles I got in my Studio Calico Project Life kit to link the pictures and stories to the specific date.

Next to my title there's an explanation of the whole idea. It says that people think that when we live in Europe, we are able to travel a lot since everything is so close! But the truth is that in Switzerland a normal work week has 42 hours and if you work on the weekends, it doesn't give you much time to travel. I started traveling when I went back to Canada to study. When I was going back to Switzerland, between the sessions, I was free to see a little bit more of Europe and that's when I started traveling and discovering Europe. :) To make a difference between this explanation and the descriptions of the places I went, I used yellow thread to stitch some lines and I used blue ink to write.

Here's just a small embellishment I added to the page. I custom made my Geotag with a small sticker from the Martha Stewart line and a circle punch. The grey circle, the little people and the you are here are all stamps.

And here I made some pictures so that you can read the journaling better. :)

Hope I could give you some page ideas and I even more wish I could tempt you to join the class with me. Really, It's been only a week and it's already exceeding my expectations (which are pretty high when I pay 100$ for a class!) Ali is rocking it!! 

Talk to you soon!!

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