Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Project Life - Week 20

Hi everyone!

Week 20 of Project Life is here with lots of photos! :)

Here I printed 2 pictures directly on a 4x6 card and let it be like that.

This little wooden card came in my Project Life kit from Studio Calico. I just added a small tag.

Here is a picture I edited with the app A beautiful mess on my phone. I sticked it to a journaling card with some washi tape.

And this is the cake that I was doing for Arielle. I started with the mermaid in fondant.

I have 2 inserts this week. The first one is an X-Ray Arielle made in school. And the second one is a document I recieved from the doctor after I did my endoscopie. I added the doctor's business card and a little note on a journaling card. On the reverse I added a document found on internet that explains my illness and the note from the doctor (I asked him to write me down what the illness is about in a language that I could understand.) ;)

This is a picture I took of the door of our favorite restaurant when we had our last dinner with my inlaws. I just added a small tag. I can't have enough of these tags. They are the best size!!!

When Patricks parents left, it was time to pack because the next day we were going to Disney. Here Maya is helping me packing. SHe wanted to bring ALL her toys that are in her bed and she was bringing them one at the time. It was hilarious!! Especially the look on her face when she was asking if we can bring this one too, and that one too. I captured it with my iPhone and even if the quality is not that good, it's fine with me, I have the story recorded and I still can recall the feel of the situation by looking at this.

Here we are at the airport. It was not planned that we would spend much time there, but our flight was delayed. It was like a deja vu for us since our last flight to Orlando 2 weeks before was also delayed.

First day in Orlando: I visited the emergency room after Maya poked my eye. I included a picture took with my iPhone (even injured, I'm always fit enough to think "picture"! :) I also included my hospital bracelet.

Here's another picture in the airport as we are waiting for our flight.

See you soon!! :)

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