Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Life - Week 22

Hi everyone!!
Project Life Week 22 is here. :)

Coming back home on Monday. I continued the idea of writing the day and a small tag for a comment. Here the girls are at the airport, saying goodbye to Mickey.

I like this small size picture I took directly from my Instagram feed,  with a caption in the sky, adhered to a 3x4 card.

A little incident happened: The fondant mermaid I had made for Arielle's cake looked to yummy that the girls couldn't refrain from licking her face.

Last practices.....the recital is approaching fast.

When I came back home two birthday cards from friends were sitting in my mailbox. I LOVE GETTING BIRTHDAY CARDS!!!! I showcased them in my album in a 6x6 page protector.

This is an artwork that Arielle made in school and that we just got back that week.

Arielle's end of Pre-School test, letters recognition.

The little end of year show they presented the parents.

This week was all about end of school year and end of Pre-K. Here is the gift I made for the teachers.

Here are her teachers. 

And here are two birds that made their nest in my plant. :) Cute. I also documented how my new diet with no wheat, corn, soy, milk and eggs is going. Hanging in there. 

Thanks for looking!!

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Unknown said...

Je veux encore savoir comment tu as fait tes cadeaux de prof!