Friday, July 5, 2013

Back home

Hi everyone!
I just got back from Quebec where I spent the last 2 weeks.
Oh my it was AWESOME! I went alone with the girls and I enjoyed it very much!!
I got to see my family again and spend some one on one time with my friends I cherish so so much.

I got to meet new friends and reconnect with the ones I have had for years and that are still in my life, even after years of me being away. These are the ones I cherish the most!
I also got to do one of the thing I like the most: see live shows.

I went to see Les Cowboys Fringants, and I even went on the stage (don't ask!).

And I got to see Coeur de Pirate (AWESOME!!!!). For that show my friend lent me his nice camera and I could pretend I was a real photographer. ;) Here are some of my favorite shots.

And after that show I asked Patrick to get me a lens just like this one, but for my small camera. :)

During my stay I also got to scrap a little. :)))

Here's a sneak peek of one of the most beautiful page I've created until now. You will be able to see it on the Get it Scrapped blog sometime in August. I'll let you know. :)

When I was in Canada, a very sad thing happened. One of my parents cats left us. We discovered a big red ball on her leg and 4 days later, has we heard it was some sort of cancer, my parents decided to let her go.... She'll be in our hearts forever. Here she is, Capucine:

Her little brother is still with us. 

Let's hope he'll be fine. The two cats have been together since they were little. It's very sad. I think it's a good thing though that we were there because it gave him and my parents something else to think about..... Now that we're gone, they'll have to overcome the sadness. :(

The cousins are very much loved and stayed with us some days. That was awesome. Especially for my two little ones. :)

There's something very special going on between these two. :)

While in Quebec I also got to spend some time alone with Arielle and Maya. We visited one of my favorite restaurant. And we were able to just have fun, without worrying about anything! It was great. 

Oh and I won a spot in the Phone Photography Project class at Big Picture so I started playing along and it's been fun. :)

What else?! Well, a visit to Quebec doesn't go without visiting the Promenades St-Bruno and do a little shopping with my mom. :) Oh, and while we're there, I got to eat my favorite frozen yogourt (no, it's not TCBY!)

I thought the napkins were the cutest... It says: because you haven't brought any changing clothes.... Brilliant idea!

And before I leave I'd like to thank you for all the warm and nice comments you left me on Shimelle's blog and here. It really touched my heart deeply!!! If you missed it, I was a guest blogger on Shimelle's blog 2 weeks ago and my blog post was about ways to stitch on a layout. Here's one of the 5 pages that you will see if you go there. :) If you haven't left your mark yet, you still have time to do so!! :) 

And on that happy note, I'll let you go. :)
Now that I'm home and scrapping again (I hope to get back to it very soon!!!), I'll post more regularly again. :)
See you soon!
And thanks again for your comments. Each and everyone of them is so much appreciated!!

Marie :)

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S said...

Lots of fun stuff to share here, except, of course for the sad note in the middle, on the loss of the kitty. Looking forward to the layout you teased us about.