Thursday, July 11, 2013

Project Life - Week 16 and 17

Hi everyone,
let's play a little catch up in my Project Life album. :)

Here's my week 16

Oh my! I feel bad to show you pictures involving snow at this time of the year.... :(
We spent week 16 in Shefford, at my parents house. One of the thing I really was looking forward doing was visiting a sugar house, which we did. :) I like the pictures of my father with Maya and of my parents in front of the sugar house. I think I don't have enough pictures involving my parents..... It's precious.

Oh and I suddenly love this "not so good" picture, technically speaking, of Capucine saying good morning to Arielle (Capucine left us 2 weeks ago). That reminds me that a picture of us, even on a bad hair day, will someday be so precious....

I also love the cute snapshot of my 2 girls screaming and crying in the bathtub. It was a happy thing that I had my phone right with me at that very moment. :)

And I love the picture of my girls painting together. Actually I think I love all my pictures, even though they don't look GREAT because of the colors, the light, etc. What I learn from that is: shoot. It's always worth the memory!!

In my Project Life I like to capture details of life and RELATIONSHIPS between people.... I wouldn't necessary make a page about the love of my girls for my parents' cats, but a 4x6 picture in my Project Life album capture it in a great, simple and easy way!

The picture on the right is one of a "virtual" friend with her triplets! Actually I know her from when I was very very young!!! I was dancing and playing soccer with her sister when a was about 7 or 8. I know I saw her some times, but I haven't talked to her. When I saw her on her sister's Facebook page, pregnant with triplets (!!!) I wrote her a message and from that we became friends. So on that visit to Quebec I stopped by to say hi. Her triplets are adorable(!!!), she is strong and beautiful, and taking a picture of all four of them is IMPOSSIBLE!! But again, I am so happy today that I have this imperfect photo of her instead of having nothing. :)

For my Project Life album I also take pictures of THINGS.
Like here, I was in a restaurant with my mom in the city I grew up and as I saw the name of the city on these wood logs I thought I can't go without it!! My mom felt the need to tell the waitress that it was for my scrapbook, but me, I don't care. Really. People can think what they want. I have my picture now. :)
And well, besides the weird looks I get sometimes, nobody will tell me something or start laughing.... It never happened to me anyway. ;)

For my Project Life album I also photography PLACES. Here on the right is a picture of the place I always meet my friend when we go to Montreal together. i park my car there, near the bridge, he picks me up and we drive together from there. So that spot is quite special to me. I've been there many many times. It's a great memory (even though I printed it in a very very small format). :)

Lastly, in my Project Life album you can find some business cards. Here is the business card of my hair dresser who had just told me that she had sold her hair salon and that it was her last week at work. It was sad. She made my hair on my wedding day 13 years ago and since then I always came back to her, year after year, all the way from Switzerland. And I can say that we became friends.

Week 17

Not many embellishments here. Sometimes you just have to do the basics and it's fine.

This is a picture of the tv as the hockey series were starting. You might know that Hockey in Canada is considered a religion. ;) I'm not that much of a fan, but I wanted to see the beginning. I didn't even make it to hear the national anthem. ;) You know, when you have kids.... Oh well.

Ok, so what about we keep the other weeks for later? ;) 
Talk to you later everyone!!
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