Saturday, July 13, 2013

Project Life - Week 19

Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by today and thanks for every comments you leave me! :)
I love to see that people actually read my blog!! So keep them coming. ;)

Ok, week 19 - a great week!! :)

I'm pretty happy that I took a picture of Arielle in her classroom as I dropped her off. maybe it will bring her memories back when she looks at this later. It's the kind of picture that I always want to make and that I don't trust myself enough to make them. So this one is very precious!

That week I got an endoscopy. Since I wasn't looking great in my night gown, I decided to only include my bracelet and a business card of the place I had it. ;)

Here's a little schedule of our week. And my little artist hard at work.

I usually don't keep things like this drawing from a coloring book, but Arielle made that one for me while I was in Orlando the previous week, so I kept it. :)

Here I included a journaling card where Arielle drew flowers. Combined with pictures of my flowers, i think it's cute.

And then we had the pictures for Arielle's ballet class. It was awesome to see her for the first time dressed as a ballerina. We had brought our camera with us, but left the batteries at home so at the end we had to do with my iPhone. Better than nothing. Those pictures will be treasured!

I think that iPhone pictures even if they aren't the best quality, often have something that other pictures don't have. Maybe a little way of catching something more, between two people, maybe it's because it's so small and is quickly out of the pocket. I don't know.

Look at this journaling card I got in my Studio Calico kit!!!! Gold embossed outlines. AWESOME! I hesitated before I decided to use it. My thinking was: better in one of my albums than in the box forever.

There you go!!
Again, thanks for stopping by! It's much appreciated. :)

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