Thursday, July 18, 2013

Project Life - week 21

Hi everyone!
Welcome to week 21 of my Project Life album.
Week 21 is the week we spent at Disney. I'm pretty sure I'll do a mini-album on that trip, but I thought I'll document it a little in my Project Life album too never know if you'll get to it one day! (Still haven't scrapbook our Disney vacation from last October and I really wanted too. So sad!)

Ok, so I added a copy of our plans and reservations for the week. It's not pretty but gives a general overview and that's awesome!

In addition to that, I chose some of the best pictures (with us on it if possible!) for each park and I grouped them all together. On one of the pictures of the group I used some ltter stickers to label the day we where at that park. And I used a small label sticker for the name of the park. I also used a blank journaling card and wrote what happened that day. 

Monday was Epcot.

In the middle of all that I have some separate anecdotes that happened during the week. Here, a flat tire in the pouring rain.

In order to have more pictures I cropped them the vertical way and stitched them together on a 4x6 card.

Tuesday: Animal Kingdom. I added a small 5x7 insert with a cute photo of Maya in front of the park.

On the other side I have a 5x7 photo. Blowing up a picture from 4x6 to 5x7 can make a huge difference and I highly recommend it if you have a picture you really like.

more photos at Animal Kingdom. As I said, I didn't want to spend pages and pages talking about our trip, but I surely wanted to put the main events down and the nicest photos. :)

Wednesday: Magic Kingdom

Maya's first roller coaster!!

Thursday: Magic Kingdom. It was my birthday! :) So we indulged in a really tasty cotton candy! :))
Friday we stayed at the condo and played games with grand-pa and grand-ma and we went to the pool.

Saturday: Magic Kingdom for the 3rd time.

Our favorite ride: Dumbo!!

Sunday: Epcot.

I'm not sure yet if I'll get to scrapbook this vacation more than that, but I'm happy now because I at least got that recorded. That's an awesome feeling.
Yay for Project Life!!!
1 week, 2 double pages. Voilà! :)

Talk to you soon.

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