Friday, July 12, 2013

Project Life - Week 18

Hi everyone!
Here's my week 18 of my Project Life.

That week my parents in law arrived to stay with us for three weeks.

And Patrick and I took advantage of them being with us to have a little 4 days vacation. We went to Orlando. What else? We love Orlando. We didn't bring a camera other than my iPhone and without the kidds we just felt like light. Nobody and nothing else to care about but US! ha!

I included in my album the postcard that they gave us at the hotel because the picture of the hotel on it was marvelous. And even though we had no camera, I took about 1000 of photos, so I added an insert. :) I chose this one because it contains lots of photos and is still smaller than my regular pages so when we look at the album we can figure out that it's an insert, part of that week.

I added a print screen of my iPhone showing that our flight was delayed....

On some photos I wrote directly in Photoshop.

This is us when we left our house. ;) We were already missing the kids so much!! lol But really it was a strange feeling. I think we should try and find a babysitter so that we can have some us time more often.

Eating without the kids is an awesome experience!!!

Everytime I print my photos for my album I realizing how many photos I have taken and I often get "stuck" with no place for a journaling card. But it's ok. As long as the story is told somehow, it's ok for me if it's only some word on the pictures or on some small tags.

One thing I realized on that trip is that I'm getting old. Like, really old!! LOL I know, I'm only 36, but riding those rides is not even fun anymore. After doing twice the Harry Potter and once the Dragons, I had to sit down for about half an hour and get myself together!! ha! :(

I collected a postcard of the magician we saw.

And some little snippets of things I collected at Island of Adventure and in restaurants.

And a coaster of our favorite place. :)

One last picture and drink before we leave.

Thanks guys for stopping by!!

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