Saturday, November 14, 2015

Citrus Twist Kits | First time mommy

Hi everyone!

Here's the second page I made with the November 2015 Add-on kit from Citrus Twist Kits.

This page will not go in Arielle's album. It will go in MINE! It's more about how I felt when I became a mom. I have a page that goes more into the everyday life details. This one is more focusing on that exact moment when I became a mom. I look very tired and young on this picture (I had just turned 31 two weeks before) but I love it and I'm happy that it's now in my album and not only on my hard drive.

I'm happy about my title. It's very dimensional and fun.

There's one paper in the kit that is a bunch of images. I cut them all out and I had fun layering them. I added a few stickers and elements from the alphas to give more dimension and interest.

Here you can see some stitching and layering.

All these word stickers are gold foil on white background. To me, stickers always fell like flat and boring. There's no texture in them and them adhere perfectly flat on something (vs die cuts which you can lift and curl a little). So to give them a little extra something, I stitched right through them.

I would encourage you now to go to your picture library and find the pictures that resonate with you. Which ones give you shivers? Print them out (now) and make a page, even if it's a simple one with only a few thoughts scribbled down. It's totally worth it!

See you tomorrow for my next layout made with the Add-on kit. :)



Gab said...

Beautiful LO - you look gorgeous (and about 17!!!)

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

hahaha Gab! 17 hey?! :) Thanks for your comments, again!!! :) xo

Mira said...

Stitching!!! Aww love it!