Sunday, November 8, 2015

Citrus Twist Kits - Project Life

Hi everyone!

Welcome back. :)

Here's the second week I made with my November 2015 PL and Embellishments Citrus Twist Kits.

When working on my PL, I often have the same working process. I go through my pictures (my iPhone pictures are set up on my computer by months and my other pictures, taken with my nice camera, are set up by date with the description of the event next to the date) and I open the ones I want in my album with Photoshop. I then crop them either in 4x6, square or 3x4 (using a template with 2 3x4 so that I can print them on a 4x6). I print them and find cards to put behind my smaller pictures and in journaling spots. I write and embellish as I go. It all takes a lot of time, but I enjoy the process vs only printing the pictures, then only choosing the cards, etc...which I would find boring, depending on which step I'm working on.

Sometimes there's no patterned paper or card subtle enough so I take a cardstock and cut it to fit a 4x6.
All the little bits and pieces that come with the kit are very handy to embellish quickly and easily. You can't really go wrong.

And the kit contains lots of these! Labels, stickers...

Beautiful cards that are enough just by themselves.

Wood veneers...

More stickers and die cut.

And then there's the typewriter (or computer) for all the rest. :)


cutting out shapes from patterned paper.

Oh and using my new brush pen. It's great for beautiful addition like the "JB" here.

Using our own handwriting is awesome too!! We all have our own handwriting. It's like our fingerprints. Very personal and it adds a piece of you, just like the photos do.

Some pictures are less embellished than others. It's ok.

And I ALWAYS have my iPhone with me because, I never know when I'll need to snap a picture. Like here. I just quickly went to pick up my girls at school. It made a great friends picture. :)

Little moments like these are what I love to photography most! I rarely ask my kids (or anybody) to look at me when I take a picture.

Come back tomorrow for another spread. :)



Gab said...

I could look at your pages for hours! They are so beautifully detailed and your photos are so great!

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Gab you are so great at leaving me comments on every post!!! This one especially made me happy. Nobody ever told be that before. Thanks for comming here over and over again. ❤️