Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hip Kit Club | December Daily

Hi everyone!!

This year I am tackling a very special project.

See, I have this December Daily album from 2009. The first one I ever made. And I don't like it very much. Not to say that I don't like it at all!! When looking at it I only feel sad. There are stories (not that many I must say) and many pictures, it's cute....but it has no spirit. I don't really know what it is.

So I had that idea of redoing this album. But, you can probably imagine, overtime I had that thought of redoing it, i was calling myself crazy! Why would I redo an album that is completed when I have so many more projects that are not done yet that i would like to do?! Right?!! So anyway, I was juggling with that idea and when I received my Hip Kit Club box of Christmas goodies last weekend, it struck me. This is it! I'm doing it! :D

So that's how the "special project" started.

Here's the beginning:

I love this little album from Simple Stories. At first I thought it might be too small for my need. I am used to work with a 8x8 album and this one ix 6x8 but it turns out that I really love the size! I like that the pages are not square. When I'm using one page to make a "scrapbooking style" page vs a pocket page, it's easier to work with, I find. As for the pocket pages that will be mixed in, there are no odd sizes. I have te choice of 2 4x6, 1 4x6 and 2 3x4 pockets or 4 3x4 pockets. Easy enough!! :)

So I started my album with a full page explaining that I'm making this 2009 album in 2015. That way I can play with stories of the past and of today...mixing things that happened then and things that happened after that, like our move to the USA. I can compare Christmas there and Christmas here.

The background of my page is a photo of the view from our bed room when I was living in that apartment in Switzerland. I added the text directly on the picture (font is Avenir) and I added a small digital word "Magic" from the Ali Edwards Craft the Story kit. I added a small yellow start from my Hip Kit Club Kit. (The stars are my favorite in the whole kits!! But the Yellow stars are my favorite of all stars!!!) :D I punched two holes directly in the photo.

On the back, for day 1, I adhered another full page photo. I chose a photo with lots of white space to add embellishments and details on it. Before adhering the two photos back to back, I stitched my title on the photo. (you have to think ahead a little bit!) ;)

The 2009 is BIG. I wanted it to stand out, even more so because it's now 2015. I wanted it to sink in in my own head I think. lol So anyway, the 2009 was cut out with my Silhouette (Font Fette egyptian) in some vellum paper. Just under it is a really cool rubber sticker from Pinkfresh studio, in bright red!! At first I wanted to used the word December in silver glitter foam, but I thought that this rubber sticker was so perfect to contrats with the face of my little girls who had just woken up!! lol I use quite a lot of irony in my day to day life, it had to transfer a bit in my album. yay! :) (It's always thought to transfer irony in writing without it looking strange and out of place). I also added some sequins in blue, red, silver and gold. :)

I also added a small label (from the free printable sheet that you can download if you buy the kit) and a little explanation of the photo. It says: "This is what I see when Arielle wakes up and says mommy."

The next page is a pocket page. 1 4x6 pocket and 2 3x4 pockets.

In that 4x6 pocket I have a picture. I chose one with space on the left where I could add my tag and some journaling.

That tag with the gold glitter on it is divine!! There are 3 like this in the kit and they will be very useful! :) I added a small puffy sticker star on the diagonal line.

One of the 3x4 pocket became a little shaker pocket with the same sequins that I used on the left page. I also added the number 1 (it's an acetate from Pinkfresh studio so it's pretty cool that it's kind of transparent although it's not see totally through. That little mouse die cut is MY favorite die cut of the package. The size was perfect for that little pocket. It adds lots of cuteness to the page. :) I used my Fuse tool to close the pocket. Stitching would have been fine too.

And that first little pocket holds a 3x4 photo with some embellishment and a label from the printable label sheet.

When I flip the page over, you see the little sequins again. I intentionally put lots of sequins being the mouse and the number one to kind of hide the plain back of these two elements.

I added one photo of my friend and I and on the right page, I talk about how we met. This is a good example of good things that happen when you do your album years later! In my original 2009 album, this photo wasn't there, because I had just met her and I didn't know that she would become a great friend of mine. Now, with perspective, I know it, and it was awesome to revisit the story of how we met on that 1st of December 2009. The same day I learned I was pregnant with Maya... <3 p="">

On the right side of the shaker pocket, I used a 3x4 card from the Hip Kit Club Kit and  added sequins and an acrylic star.

On the right page, I used one of the 12x12 patterned paper from the kit. It's from Pinkfresh studio and it's sturdy enough to make a page on it's own, without backing it with another photo or paper. That's awesome because I can use the back too!! :) These are the two pages next to each other in my album.
The story, as I just said is of our village we live in and it ends with how we met our friends Keiko and Taiga who are still in our lives, 6 years and LOTS of miles later. That paper with little mountains and houses were made for me and my Swiss album. Were we lived was exactly like this (THANK YOU Kinnari for designing it!! Kenner is the owner of Pinkfresh studio and a friend of mine in the online world!)

I added a simple tree paperclip.

I added the date (it's crooked, bummer!) in red.

On the other side, day 2. You see that my paperclip from the other side is serving a purpose right here. :)

The little number two is part the acetate number pack I was talking about earlier. It see through, but not all the way transparent. It's really cool. On top of it I cluster a small foam tree with another yellow star (I don't have many left but I rather have them in my album than in my stash! :))

In the middle of the page I adhered my photo with some foil washi tape (awesome thing!!). I printed my photo leaving enough white space around so I could cut it out and give the impression of a polaroid picture. I added a gold foil label (Pink Paislee) included in my Hip Kit Club Kit and stitched some puffu stickers on top. I wrote my journaling on one of the kraft tag and added 2 small golden sticker stars from Maggie Holmes.

There you go! That's where I stand for now with my December Daily 2009. :) I'm pretty happy about it and it's so fun to make an album like this without having to wait for the next day to unfold when you want to add a page!!! If you have some unfinished albums, I'm telling you, you should try and go back. It,s so fun and liberating and very inspiring for the upcoming December!!!!

Did I tell you that December Daily is MY FAVORITE PROJECT of the year?!!! :)

Ok, see you next Thursday for more December Daily pages (and tomorrow for some more crafty stuff!)



Elizabeth A said...

Wonderful pages, Marie-Pierre. I totally understand the need to redo an album. We were overseas for two Christmas periods, and we were all so homesick, that the traditions and joys of where we were, escaped us. Too busy wanting something else to enjoy what was there! But, now with hindsight, I can see that there was much to enjoy and celebrate. I look forward to seeing more of your 2009 album.

Gab said...

Super super cute - it's going to look amazing. I really like how you did the title/intro page too to give the whole album some perspective