Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Citrus Twist Kits - Project Life

Hi everyone!

Here's my 4th and last spread made with the November 2015 Citrus Twist Kits!!

This spread includes the school pictures that were taken that day. Of course, I didn't receive them on the day they were taken, but it's ok. :) I think also that I'm usually afraid of using and scrapping these pictures because I paid for them, and because I don't have them in a digital format but hey, when I don't use them for my album, they sit in the enveloppe for years and I never see them again except maybe 10 years later when I find the box where I had buried them!! And let's be honest, there are SO MANY pictures in one pack!! It won't hurt to take 2 out and put them there, right?

Embellishment cluster.

Using pens of various sizes is great to make variety on a card.

I mated the pictures on a white cardstock for a small border and then on a patterned paper. The patterns are subtle enough to not distract from the photo, but are busy and colorful enough to attract the eye.

Playing with dimension and layering here.

And sometimes I need the whole 4x6 pocket to write my story. I chose a white cardstock and added just a strip of vellum washi tape.

It's fun to play with various products that are the same shape, but not the same size, color, texture....
Make small clusters and make sure the products overlap a little so that it feels natural and not too scattered and random.

Stitching to accentuate something is a technique I love!! Here I wanted to make the cute little pumpkin stand out!! So I stitched around it a couple of times.

I often take pictures of things. I don't always include them in my pages because I often feel that my "people" pictures are more fun to look at, but sometimes, these pictures are really fun too and they bring another side of our story.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed my week of Project Life!! :)


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