Monday, November 9, 2015

Citrust Twist Kits - Project Life

Hi everyone!
Today I'm showing you the 3rd week I made with my November 2015 PL and Embellishments Citrus Twist Kits.

That spread document one weekend at Myrtle beach. I could have chosen way more pictures, but I decided to cut and limit myself. I chose the photos with stories. The others, I can look at them on the computer if I want. I also made a traditional page of that trip that went into our family life album.

This is MagiQuest. Not easy to take good pictures in that dark place, but I went with with I had. I always pick story over quality when it comes to pictures.

These golden letter stickers are  fusing with the paper. It's beautiful!

This is a washi tape with gold foil print on it. I added my favorite little wood veneer heart.

I used a 3x4 card here to write my title. I added a sticker and a wood veneer.

I love the different textures and the dimension.

When choosing my embellishments and card, I also look for colors. Two yellow things next to another will have more visual weight.

Here the puffy sticker star picks up the green at the bottom of the aquarium.

Some pictures just don't need any embellishing. That picture would be great as an enlargement on a traditional page. But for now, I at least have it here in small format. It's better than not having it at all!

Here I layered cardstock and vellum of similar colors and placed them next to 2 cards that carry the complementary color. It makes a big contrast. And it works.

A little more yellow (it picks up the yellow t-shirt too).

I love family selfies. Really! Without them, we'd have a bout one family picture per year.
Don't forget to take them!! :)

See you tomorrow for more Project Life and Citrus Twist Kits!


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Gab said...

Great pages - and I especially like the family selfie!!