Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hip Kit Club | December Daily 2009

Hey everyone!

Today I'm showing you some more pages of my 2009 December Daily made with the Hip Kit Club December Documented kit. I really really loved working with this kit. It made my life easy!! If you missed the beginning of the album, you can follow THIS LINK. It will bring you the the label "December Daily 2009" You'll also be able to see the album as it was before I decided to redo it. Maybe you'll understand why I wanted to redo it. ;)

Day 8

Day 8 focusses on my new "home". Walking around our new place. Discovering. I love the view over the city. That picture was,t taken on the 8. It was taken somewhen in February I think. But it's ok to mix things up. I wanted to document my new village, that's the way to go. Working with what I have. :)

Photo edited by my husband years ago. He likes to edit heavily. And to transform photos. It's not my style. At all. So I thought that this was bringing a touch of him in my album. :) And it fits with how I felt at that time, and with the grey sky of December.

Day 9

On Day 9 I could integrate another card received from Swiss friends. I wish I could have found all the cards I received that year.

6x8 pictures are the ones I love most. I went back to my old December Daily albums before starting this one and really, the large, full page pictures are the ones that grabbed my emotions most. So I'm going for it in this album too. :)

Adding small elements where there's place. Not too many, you don't want to disturb the viewer.

These little page protectors are perfect for instagram photos. But in 2009 there was no Instagram. I believe. So I went with the pictures that would fit best in a square format.

The side of that page has a long 8 inches opening and the thing that we put in there tend to slide out. So I used my fuse tool, once more and I took advantage of that to slip some sequins in before closing the pocket.

A patterned paper trimmed down to 4x4. Look for the motives on the paper to make yourself some extra journaling cards. With the motif on the left, I knew I would have plenty of space to write my story. And remember that all these triangles can easily become christmas trees. And that a cluster of the same object repeated is a great thing!!

My photos from 2009 are not the greatest, but it's fun to see where I come from also in the photography area. And Lightroom and Photoshop helped me a lot to make everything look nicer.

Again, this title was written with my brush pen. Great little thing to have when making a Christmas min-album!

So, are you getting ready to start your December Daily?? :)
Hope I can inspire you a bit.



Nounette said...

Et pas qu'un peu que tu m'inspires!!! Il est magnifique!

Gab said...

So pretty! I love that photo your husband edited - the village looks gorgeous!