Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CHA 2014 - once in a lifetime!

Hi everyone!
CHA is almost over. This morning I get to go once again, but only until 2:00 this afternoon. After that the show will be over.

What I am planning to do in these short 5 remaining hours?

I'l definitely go make one last make and take at the La-La-Land booth. Their little girls and boys stamps are SO cute and fun to color!!

And I'll go back to Lawn Fawn to see was they have in store for today as a make and take. I'm not into clear stamps at all. They don't work for me. The ink doesn't stick to the stamp, the impression is not great, BUT, but but, I was so pleased to discover Lawn Fawn's clear stamps this weekend. The quality in phenomenal and the stamping is awesome! As for the designs? To die for. Love them!! :)

I'm also planning on hanging out just a little longer with my new friends from Art Impressions. These guys are AMAZING! They are friendly, loving, generous and they made me feel right part of their family. I was blessed to meet them. :) So I'll go see if I can take in some more watercolor tricks so that I can show that to you later. :)

What else, I guess, that,s it for the planned side of the day. The rest will be surprise. I had so much fun all weekend long. I met nice people. I met famous people. I met new friends. It was an awesome experience. Here are some pictures. Don't worry I'll be back with an enormous blog post featuring all the great products that I want to get in the near future. ;)

 Heidi. You know how I feel about Heidi. :) She was the first one I went to see. And it was neat because her booth was right next to the Art impressions booth so I got to walk by several times. She might think I was stalking her. Really, I wasn't. I was just enjoying the view. ;)

She is so genuine!! Love her!

Amy Tan. :)

The beautiful Elizabeth Kartchner from Dear Lizzy.

Maggie Holmes with Crate Paper. LOVE her work!

Becky Higgins and Project Life.

It was an amazing thing to see people taking pictures of the cards I made for Art Impressions for CHA. Oh my gosh it made me so happy!

The very sweet and lovely Kelly Purkey (Basic Grey).

No need to introduce the very busy Tim Holz. :) Very nice man. (I know we are blurry. I'll try to get another picture today.)

This is the very lovely Art Impressions team! And some new friends from Singapore.

Kate Swanson. She is the one taking care of the creative team at Art Impressions. She's also my new friend. :) Love you Kate. :)

This is Freddy. :)

Bonnie (Art Impressions) is drawing me something. You know, something quick, on the corner of the table. ;) Loved it!!!! We are so much alike me and her.  We share the same passions. I'd love to spend a day a Disney Studios with her, we'd just watch the designers all day long. :) I was amazed by her and her personality.

Every morning, my friends from Art Impressions would pick me up to go to the show, but that morning I was late (so sorry again guys!) so I got to walk to the next hotel to grab a shuttle to the convention center. The weather was fabulous and so was the view. I enjoyed ever bit of it. :)

I mean.... right?! :)

This is my new friend at Lawn Fawn as I made a couple of make and take there. :) Their stamps are one of the good things I discovered at the show.

Ran into the very lovely, simple, and generous Julie Ebersole!!!!

  And I got to meet Noell and Izzy!!!!!!!! So nice people!!!

I than ran into Stacy and Wendy. It was my lucky day. Nothing of that was planned and you know, CHA is huge!! So when you run into people like that, it's pure luck!

They are so nice and genuine and accessible. Incredible!! And I'll get to spend more time with them at Play (starting tonight!!) So excited!!! :)

I had lunch with my friends Karine and Celine from Entre Artistes. LOVE THESE GIRLS!!! So happy I can call them my friends.

My team. Phil, Bonnie and Kate. Love you guys. I'm so proud and happy to be part of your team. It's an honor!

 And this is Kendra, Phil and Bonnie's daughter. Oh my gosh, one more lovely people. Here she is giving me a quick watercolor class. You'll know more about that soon. :)

In action. This moment, for me, is one of the best of the entire show.  That's where I know that that's what I love. I'm an artist. :)

I have to run now. I have a shuttle to catch and a show to attend!!

Talk to you soon!
thanks for following my blog. :)



Nathalie (tchoubi) said...

Tu m'as volé une dizaine (sinon plus!) de sourires pendant ton voyage ahaha! Wow, quelle belle expérience... tu en ressors rayonnante sans l'ombre d'un doute. J'imagine que tu seras gonflée à bloc d'inspiration, j'ai très hâte de voir ce que tu vas en faire.... Merci pour le partage de photos et bonne continuation, Nathx

8upscrapin said...

Looks like you had a BLAST , lots of memories made for sure !!

scrap-or-not-scrap said...

Très chouette toute ces photos !! C'est génial ! Je suis extrêmement ravie pour toi :)

valé said...

Géniales ces photos elles respirent la gaité!
J'ai même reconnu nos petites françaises!

Nounette said...

Contente que tu ais mis ta timidité de côté et que tu rentres la tête pleine de merveilleux souvenirs et l'appareil photo plein de belles photos de tes rencontres!

Magali said...

Je suis tellement contente pour toi, ton sourire fait plaisir à voir! Quelle merveilleuse expérience! Voilà qui fait une belle entrée dans les "hautes sphères inaccessibles au commun des mortelles" du scrapbooking! Pouhhahahaha! Maintenant je te souhaite une tonne de projets à venir! Je suis fière de toi mon amie!

Francine said...

Tu as l'air radieuse... J'ai bien hâte que tu nous présentes tes nouvelles découvertes. Merci pour le partage des photos.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, SO FUN! Enjoy.
Thanks for sharing.

Smiles, Laurie said...

SO many fun folks for you to be capturing photos with! What a blast! Glad you're having such a wonderful time!

Christel said...

Oh c'est impressionnant tout ce beau monde du scrap.
Quelle chance Marie Pierre.
J'aurais adoré y être moi aussi. Est ce ouvert à tout le monde ou seulement aux professionnels ?
Bonne continuation.

Isbaha said...

Merci pour les photos, super intéressant ! Tu as l'air adorable sur les photos.