Saturday, January 11, 2014

The reason I am now on the Art Impressions team

Hi everyone!
Hello Ai Fans!

Do you know how I ended on the Art Impressions DT?
A year ago, my good friend and amazing artist Catherine made THIS card. I thought it was just AMAZING!!!! She then sent me a Christmas card using the Village stamp set from Art Impressions. I was in awe! So I bought a try fold stamp set myself for my Christmas cards this year and as I went on their website to get some inspiration, I saw that they were looking for new design team members. You know the rest of the story. :)

So anyway, when I got to place my first order in their store, THE VERY FIRST STAMP I put in my basket was the Village stamp set. Of course!!! It makes me think of my friend and of why I'm so fortunate to be on the team!! I hope I can create nice things to make them proud. For now, even if Christmas is long gone (still have my Christmas tree here! lol), I would like to show you my take of their beautiful beautiful Village stamp set:

I watercolored every images, used glitter and a white gel pen. :) In real, it's like a tiny art work. If you are looking for THE perfect stamp for you Christmas cards for next year, this might be the one. :)

Oh and, I fell in the trap this year once again: having to make so many cards in so little time, with so many other projects on my scrap table, so maybe we should take advantage of the snow outside and of what is left of the Christmas spirit to start creating our cards for next year. It might be a life saver next December!! :)

Happy creating and Happy Stamping!



Francine said...

Très belle carte. Je suis très intéressée par ces nouveaux produits. Merci.

Ashley Horton said...

You did an amazing job with these stamp sets, Marie! Congrats on your new team! Very well deserved!!

CeeCee said...

Oh, you're so cute. AI is lucky to have you as a design team member. Your card (and mine LOL) is beautiful!
Big hugs, mon amie

Nounette said...

Cette carte est vraiment magnifique!!! J'aimerai bien savoir faire de l'aquarelle comme ça!