Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project Life - Week 41 & 42

Hi everyone!

With these 2 weeks, you (and I) will be up to date with the viewing of my Project Life album! Wow! That was intense!! :) Still 10 weeks to go and the year will be over, another album (2 volumes) will sit on my shelve, ready to be viewed now and later. It's good stuff, my friends! If you haven't tried it yet, YOU SHOULD!!!

Week 41

This week, on Monday, we had our friends from Switzerland leaving. Some tears were shed. I used the little card "smile" to document it, because of the tears... :)

I love school pictures since I would love to have some from me as I was in school, other than the obligatory school portrait at the beginning of the school year.

I also love when once a month, they let us peek through the door or the window at dance class.

This week, we went to Toronto, Patrick and I, while my mom and dad were home with our kids. It's sad that I don't have one single picture of my parents....
I used an insert to document our trip. We went to Toronto to meet one of our dearest Swiss friend who lives in Brazil since some years now. We hadn't seen him in 3 years! It was a great trip and a great trip with him. I took lots of pictures of him and Patrick talking together. I was so happy for them!!

The grey card is part of the insert, and the picture of them is on the right page of the spread (if that makes sense).... This cute sticker was found in my Studio Calico PL Kit, Double Scoop I believe,

I had a little heart break when I saw this. We had to keep left....

A selfie of "us" had to fit somewhere in the album!! :)

This is when the insert is flipped.

I took lots of pictures of Canada flags!!! Speaking about Rootless (refering to the Paperclipping Roundtable episode I was on), I don't think I am quite as rootless as I like to say it. ;)

This is a nice coffee stop, at the lake in Toronto. At the foot of the CN Tower. Gorgeous weather, nice friends, lots of catching up to do! It was awesome!!!
Oh and this is the first time I put a hotel room key in my album. I couldn't find it when it was time to check out and I found it when we arrived home. ;)

She is Brazilian, so they brought us to a Brazilian restaurant when we drank Guarana for the first time. If you can try that some day, do so. :)

Week 42

That week was quieter. No friends coming over, no trip planned..... Just the normal life. I'm always surprised at how quickly my PL pages fill up, even when we have nothing "special" going on. And I let go of a lot of things!!!! (Maybe I shouldn't do that.)

This is how school looks like for her....and for her.... :)

Here's a small place dedicated to my passion! And a little anecdote that happened while the girls were playing hide and seek. It was hilarious and I had my iPhone in my hand (one of these times where I think, fortunate that I have that thing in my hand all the time!) so I snapped some pictures and even though they are far from great I am so thankful that I do have them to tell this story that would have otherwise been forgotten.

Some small additions to my photos. The 1 and 2 were from the Antiquary kit from Studio Calico.

And to take advantage of one of the last nice weeks of the year (boohoo!!!), we went for a day in New york City!! YAY!!!!! :) Just the 4 of us. It was the first time that we didn,t have guests to lead around and to adapt to. it was awesome!

The front and the back of that 4x6 card are full! :)

I took loads of pictures of "us" (them). Not so much of the city. I think the best part was that we were together. the four of us.

I managed to have a small scrapbooking moment just for me, too. :)

And I played tourist with my camera around my neck, and really, I didn't care that much about what other people think! :)

And on Sunday we went geocaching for the second time. This might become a really fun family activity/tradition. It was really fun!!

There you go guys!! :)
I'll try to keep up with the weeks to come!! No more falling behind. ;)

Talk to you soon!!!


Stefany said...

Ah que tu m'inspires. J'adore comment tu raconte tes histoires. Mais tu le sais déjà ;)

daphné said...

J'adore.... tout simplement