Thursday, October 17, 2013

PL Weeks 35 & 36

Hi everyone!

As promise, here are two other spreads of my Project Life album.

(I skipped week 34 because it's the week we were on vacation and I did a whole mini-album about it so I thought I could come back later for this spread.... for now, it's just a bunch of ticket stubs and maps and empty pockets waiting to be filled.)

Week 35 was made with the Studio Calico Project Life kit Marks & Co.
I really love to work with a kit. It doesn't mean I can't mix it with my stash if I need other supplies. But the kit itself already goes a long way and let me do this I wouldn't normally do with what I usually buy. :)

A little word art directly on my picture before I printed it.
I chose a chalkboard font. This day was the last day before school start. I went with my daughters to Flatbread. Our last lunch the three of us together. I was pretty sad when thinking about the next BIG day. 

A 4x6 card, some washi tape and a date stamp is really all I need to immortalize the last afternoon with our friends. This week was all about "ending". It was hard for me. I think I still could render it in a positive way. All the bright colors are definitely helping.

The tiny alphabets are oh so handy!! This is Maya with dad around a fire at our friends house. It was both there first "roasting marshmallow" experience. Touching. :)

Here's another cute card from the kit. I did some stamping with a very small Hero Art Alphabet Stamp kit. Daddy and Maya are waving goodbye as I head to school with Arielle. Today I can be there, tomorrow, she'll take the bus and be on her own.

This is the name tag Arielle wore on her first day of school. The big silver letters let us see right away what the week is about when we open the spread.

The obligatory photo in front of her new school. This week was so emotional.

Bringing my big five years old to the bus for the first time was hard!! For Maya too. But we made it. :)

And we were so happy to see her when she came back in the afternoon.

Week 36 was made with the Dooble Scoop PL Kit from Studio Calico. I loved the colors of that one!

The cards with a small frame are perfect to add a little something more to a simple photo. This is the story of our local scrapbook store closing. :( Like there wasn't enough emotions around here like that.

Homeworks is a new thing we'll have to get used to. It's part of the routine now and when Arielle comes back from school at 4, it's tough. It makes her days very long. Here I was helping her coloring in the letters and I loved it. I would have done it alone too, but with her telling me what to do it was just this more fun ;) The little golden heart is one I punched in a scrap of golden paper. I made a bunch and I put them along with some stars I made the same way with my other embellishments. Easy and fast to use.

This is a "before I get on the bus" hug. I love them!!! And even now, one month later, they still exist. morning after morning. I'll take them as long as they come!

Some more cute cards paired with smaller photos.  Cute :)

And then it was time for Maya to have HER first day of pre-school. She is three, and she doesn't speak a word of English. I WAS NERVOUS!!! But she saw Mrs. Heath 2 years in a row when we dropped Arielle to school so I knew that she was comfortable in that school. That helped a lot. And for her it's only 2.5 hours twice a week. It's really not that much.

Because we didn't want summer to end, Pat proposed that we spend the weekend at the beach. It wasn't beach weather anymore but I'll take sun and sand a little longer anyway!! It was a GREAT weekend gateway.

I still can't believe that we are only 2.5 hours away from the beach. I love my new home!!

Two more weeks coming your way tomorrow! Stay tuned!! :D



Janet K said...

What great PL pages! Beautiful!

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Thank you Janet!!! Very nice of you. :)