Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! :)

Hi everyone!!

While most of the people where watching the Red Sox yesterday, I was….
Pumpkin Carving!!!! :D

It's not one of my favorite activities, but, like making a cake, it's something that in my mind, I have to do. It's hard, it's half fun, half painful, but in the end I'm happy that I did it! :) + It gives me something to scrapbook about. Maybe.

So for your entertainment, here are the two pumpkins I came up with yesterday.

And just to prove that these are really pumpkins, here is the owl one with the lights on. ;)

I'm pretty happy with the result. And I was happy to see the reaction of my little ones this morning when I showed them the pictures of the pumpkins. Arielle was sad though when I told her that no, that wasn't the pumpkin she would use to collect the candies. … ??? right? ;)

So anyway, we've been into Halloween pretty much since a week now! The girls could wear their costumes at dance. Here is Arielle with her friend Madison who's coming trick or treating tonight with us. :)

And here's Maya (on the left with the yellow skirt. She's being Belle.)

Trying to find a costume in which they can dance can be tricky, especially as both wanted to be princesses with really really really long dresses!! They are all girl!

And this morning Arielle had a costume parade in school. There was a 5 second time frame for a picture…. It wasn't quite enough to get a good one….

But Arielle was pretty excited to see me there and well, I never achieved over the years to get one single good Halloween picture of the girls, but it's always enough to keep the memories alive, I think.

Today afternoon Maya and I are invited to Arielle's class for a special Halloween party. I'll try to get some more decent pictures there. And tonight we are having our friends over for dinner and we will all go treat or treating together and we are all looking forward to that and are pretty happy and excited!! 

I hope you all have a nice Halloween evening!!
Stay safe!!


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