Saturday, October 19, 2013

Are you documenting December this year??

Hi everyone!
I just received my Studio Calico Kit for my December Daily and I am so excited to dive in as soon as December 1st is here!!! Or even before if I decide to prepare my album in advance.

My December daily albums are some of my most precious albums in my library because they show the same thing year after year, yet it's always different: the kids have grown, our schedule have changed, Patrick and I have changed too, and what we do is basically the same, but is still different and all these differences documented in a special book are very very very precious to me!!

This year, I'm happy that Debbie (Hodge) came up with something. I love Debbie! I love her ideas, and I love her way of explaining things. I love her approach to scrapbooking and I am ready to follow her along this great December adventure. She called it: Your December Story. And it will be a new way of telling your December Story so if you ever tried to follow along and never finished your album, or if you are simply looking for a new way of telling your story, to mix things up a bit and make it even more interesting, come and follow along with me!! :) You can read more about the class and register early for a bonus Debbie will give every one who pre-register (before Nov. 1) by clicking on this link:

Click here to view more details

I hope you'll make the plunge and come with me on this wonderful adventure. (If you do, please let me know in the comments down here or send me an e-mail!!)

You can find my December Daily album from last year here. It's so fun to look back at them!! :)

Talk to you soon!!


Isabelle Goyette said...

Ça me semble très intéressant, de documenter ainsi le mois de décembre.

Debbie Hodge said...

Hi, Marie, thanks so much for sharing this -- and for your kind kind words! The admiration is mutual.

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Isabelle, ca te tente tu?! :) Moi j'ai vraiment hate. Tu sais souvent je me demande ce que je vais documenter. Les décorations sont les mêmes à chaque année. Les choses qu'on fait aussi, plus ou moins... alors cette année j'ai hate de voir ce que Debbie va proposer. Je sens que ca va etre nouveau et intéressant de voir les mêmes affaires arriver avec des yeux différents et un focus à quelque part d'autre. à suivre... :)

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

Thanks Debbie! It's a real honor to be on your team!!