Friday, October 18, 2013

PL - Weeks 37 & 38

Hi everyone!!
Here are my weeks 37 and 38.

Week 37 was made with Studio Calico's Spencer's PL Kit.

Maya's first full day without me!! She was so ready to go in! We waited in front of the classroom and when the teacher opened the door, she was first to go in. I snapped a picture at that moment. :) I don't know what she was doing with her backpack, but it capture the moment so well!! And before I left, I snap a picture through the window. We can see the wires going through the window but that's what gives it some style, and especially a feel of what it is when I peek through the window from time to time.

When we're home, without Arielle now, Maya asks me to play games with her. We jump on the occasion to practice speaking!! :)

And in the afternoon (if I have a little luck) it's nap time for 2-3 hours!! :) I love to watch her sleep. I made a whole layout on that subject.

This is when I picked Maya up at school for the first time. I stood there for some minutes before she realized I was there, staring at her, and when she saw me she started smiling and said: "Allo maman." :)
I was happy to have her back.

And then, around 4:00, Arielle came back from school and the first thing she did when she got out of the bus is run to Maya to ask her how her day was and what she had learn (she's eager that she learn English). When we got home, they sat down on the stairs with each an apple and Arielle asked again: "So, tell me, how was it at school?" Gotta love it!!!

And now we have daily homework. It's mainly coloring, but it's a lot of coloring!! It takes time. It's not always fun. Arielle is tired. We'll get used to it. I hope.

From school I got this cute apple with Maya's name on it. It was a perfect fit for that week since we went apple picking with our friends.

Some photoshop action on the picture here before I printed it. I love the joy that I captured in this picture.

Week 38 - made with Dear Lizzy's 5th and Frolic mini kit.

I LOVE that kit. It is so soft. And 100% girl! It's a perfect fit for us and I love mixing it with the more gender neutral kits from Studio Calico. I like that the uniformity is broken throughout my album and that it's a new surprise and feel every time we flip the page.

I am so grateful for every iPhone picture!! They are not great great, but hey do they fill my album beautifully!! 

Since I wanted to keep this spread very very very simple, I didn't use any stamping of alphabet. I used another size of pen instead. I believe that this is a .5 and a .01. And I didn't use any embellishments either. Instead, I doodled. And now you know that my doodling skills are not great. lol

Here is one more time the "hug"before hopping on the school bus.

I played with the sizes of my pictures to hide what I didn't want to show on the yellow card...

The folded 3x4 cards are also great to fill 4x6 pockets!

In the middle I added 2 page protectors to hold drawings from Maya that she did in school since it's always the first thing she wants to show me when we get home: the drawing she made for me.
The fishes on the left page are perhaps less interesting since the only thing she did there was pasting, but I loved what Arielle said when she saw it so I've written it down. :) Project Life is so (so! so!) easy!!!

This is a screen capture of my iPhone as I saw my page featured on the front page of the Get it scrapped website that morning. Even though it does happen from time to time, it's always with great surprise that I discover my page on the front page.

Did I tell you that we now have daily homework??! ;) lol Just kidding.

This is something I found in Arielle's backpack. It's a drawing of Minnie Mouse and I think it is pretty amazing!! Not long ago (like 1 month ago) Arielle didn,t draw things. She just painted spots of many colors. But concrete things like that, I had never see this. I wrote some text on the photo before printing it. I used 2 fonts: typewriter and My Font. :)

And finally I used the calendar card to document the birthday of our little friend Madison.

There you go. 
Hope you like it and can get some inspiration. :)


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